Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Action Automation
Who doesn’t love automation. Automation is every where from industry to human body.Now lets see how action automation helps and makes the task easy.
Action Automation which is called in photoshop as batch automation is needed when we need to apply the same action i.e resizing, apply some text,apply single or multi tasks, to multi images.
How to Do it?

1.Open an image in photoshop
2.Go to the palette window and choose action and if it is not there then follow these steps
2a.From the top bar goto window and select action
2b.There are two sub windows in this platelet, history and action. Select action
3.At the bottom of the of the action palette there are small icons (hover the mouse over the icon to see its name), click on the third icon from right ;Create new set; and give it a name.
4. Click on the next icon, which is create new action. Give it a name and click Record

5.Now do the task which you want to apply for this and all the other images. You can do as many actions on the images as you want.
6. When you are done click stop from the action palette.
7. Go to File.
8. Go to Automate, a pop up window will open.
9. From the top selet the action which you want to apply for batch. If you have only one then it will be selected by default but be sure to select the appropriate if you have more than one. Other wise you will end up doing some unwanted task.
10. Select the source folder where the images are located.
11. Select the destination folder
12. Select some name format for the images.
13. Select either of ‘log for error’ or ‘stop for error’. I will recommend the later; stop for error so that the action will be stopped when it encounters some error.
14. Click ‘OK’ to start the action
15. Within a few moments you will see some cumbersome actions applied to hundred of images. That’s the beauty of Photoshop action automation.

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