Lets Welcome New Year With a Plan

New Year is about to start. Why are we so excited about this single day? Isn’t it same as all other 364 days of the year. Yes it is same but it has some specialty and that lies at its essence. If you don’t get that then it is useless to celebrate and wish. The simple lesson of this day is to do the review of the last year and make new plan for the coming year.
* The first thing is to do a review of the last year. What you had planed and how many of them you achieved. If you were unable to stick to your plan then it is the time to curse yourself. Do say what a stupid being you are. That was a nice plan but didn’t stick to it. Try to find when and why you gave up and also what percentage of it you achieved and when? But you should know that it is also bad to remain hanged in bad memories of past so let’s move on.

* The second and important thing is to make new plans for the coming year. Many people want to dream big and fight for them but they never take any practical steps for it and if you are one of those then this is the time to break that hurdle and make New Year resolution. How to make it? It’s very simple, let’s do it.

* First of all do the brainstorming of your goals. For this you must be clear about what you want from life and also you must be realistic to set the goals. For example it may not be good medically to loss 50lb in one month even if you can do it. Then prioritize your goals to make them easy to handle one at a time.

* Make sure that your list of goals include all kinds like individual, contributory, entertainment , fulfillment etc. because if it concerns only you then with time you will feel yourself isolated and may then you find good reasons to give up working on your plan. So make the list very much balanced so that it merges you with other rather than separating you from it and the achievement of your goal should give you the sense of contribution to the society and to your dear and loved ones.

* Break big goals into smaller ones. Concentrate on achieving the small tasks one at a time. Together, they will contribute towards your larger goal

* Make timeline and work on short term goals. The achievement of these short term goals will reinforce you and will give you the energy to work on long term goals.

* Write down your goals on peace of paper and hang them around in your room, office and in car so that you may not loss your focus. Because most people do the planning but then they forget it once they get stuck in some other day to day problems.

* Use some sort of reinforcement which should help you to remain stick to your goal in stressed times. One solution for this may be sharing your plan with other people like with your friends and let them know what your plan is for the year and tell them to ask you occasionally of how the plan is going?

* Review last year plan (if you had one) and learn from that experience and try to include both negative and positive experiences of it in the new plan.

* Plan out a review schedule. It is very important for not to loss focus. It may be the first day of each month. I do it once in a month when I am in bed, I do a recap of how I worked on my plan during that month, was I ahead or behind the plan and that helps me great deal to know my progress.

* You may need to change the plan. Some of the goal you had included may not be achieved. You should not get panic. Try to find out why you failed? Were your effort less or was it unrealistic goal? Or you end up achieving all the goals well before time; if you are determined and smart; and then you may need to add some new goals to the plan. But don’t say I am done and now I am free bird, always have a plan for the whole year.

* Once you achieve the short term goals then do celebrate it and encourage yourself for doing such a great work. But I don’t mean that you should give a party each time ,well that’s good if you can afford but the least you should do is go to your room and shout loudly “I did it, I am a genius”. Yes you are a genius and you deserve it.

What you are thinking now. Grab a pen with your diary and start the pleasure of work. Don’t build palace in air. Take some good steps and make sure that by the dawn of new year a chart of your goals is hanging on the four walls of your room with large and bold font the word ‘I CAN DO IT!’ written at the top. Best of luck and happy New Year.

I had published this article previously on Bonfriends.org