Random Thoughts of the day

Life bring so much diversity. Some times it brings only the clear options where we don’t need to choose but some times there are options we have to pick one out of many and that decision of the moments shapes our life later on.

Life is to be lived. Being part of the society we have to follow the imposed rules but one should have moments where he should have his individual being and his or her own rules and even some moments where no rules at all. let the life flow by its own nature.

Following one pattern makes life boring. There must always be changes, there must be surprises. Do what you have not done yet. be it some thing small but make sure u did  one every day and imagine at the end of year and after many years when you look back how beautiful colored life will be. Make sure it is not gray at that moment.

Nature also teach us this lesson. Life does not remain same. Some times it is all comfort but some times it seems very odd and hard but look back how many such moments have passed and you still have the hope so whenever you have good moments share it with your dear ones and when you have hard moments just remember it shall pass too.

Do have your own imaginary world. it never cost to imagine. What you like the most imagine it.Life is beautiful and live every moment of it.