Make your facebook fresh again

Facebook has got over saturated and it is boring now. The news feed shows things which are not interested any more.
There is one way to make it more interesting. You have got many friends,many of whom you may have added  as acquaintance.  If you want to be connected with a certain circle of your friends then go to setting and then to news feed preference and unfollow those whom you dont to show up in your news feed.
Once you do this setting you will find facebook more useful in your connection..


Are there any flaws in Facebook privacy settings?

You may have set a very good privacy setting in your facebook if you are a long time user. There is the option in Facebook by which you can set who can see your photos and mostl probbaly you give acess to your friends or some specific close friends if you have a customized privacy settings.

But what do you think are they strong enough to stop the access of unauthorized people. I hope your answer is yes. But you may be shocked that there is  at least one way by which the privacy of your photo albums fails and anyone can access.

Then what should you do; remove all the hundres (or may be thousands) of photos which you have added over the year. No you don’t need to. First let me tell you how the privacy fails and then I will tell you how to resolve it.

A Snapshot from my facebook wall

As you can see from the snapshot that I have commented on one of my cousins photo  as “muuuuhhh” and thre is a link for his profile and for that particular photo. This is the problem. When a friend of you comments on your photo then any person can access  that photo and the whole album in which this photo belongs from his wall; if his/her wall is closed then any non mutual friend can access.

What then should you do. You can,t do any thing. Here comes in how sincere your friends are with you. If they delete this link from their wall then your privacy is intact and you are save (until i know any further flaw!!). So add only your close friends on facebook who care for your privacy and enjoy your facebook life.