A Throwback of My Home Journey

It was back in September 2014 I was going Gilgit from Lahore.

The journey started on September 8 2014 from Lahore. I was going home after long time and I was really excited. I reached Islamabad after 5 hours of motorway comfortable journey. I met there some friends and at mid day we started our journey to Gilgit. We were were four people and we had hired a car and we planned to go by Babusar top. I had never been by this top so it was a new trip and big relief to avoid the Karakurum Highway which is never an easy trip for me.

We all were stranger but we were traveling together for next 12 hours so it was all a new

experience, new place and new people.

Without going into detail let’s have a playback of this trip through pictures.





The Aga Khan: A spiritual guide, an intellectual guide who is committed to a humanistic attitude that is rooted in classical Islamic thought

This heresiographic literature describes all the sects in Islam from one point of view, the Sunnite point of view, the Shiite point of view, telling that ‘we, we have the truth, and the others don’t have anything’. This is the heresiographic interpretation of Islam which is totally irrelevant for us today.

Source: The Aga Khan: A spiritual guide, an intellectual guide who is committed to a humanistic attitude that is rooted in classical Islamic thought

The Aga Khan: From an Ismaili Muslim Imam to a Global Citizen and Virtual Head of States

The author, Nizar Motani, has portrayed the Aga Khan as one of the principal actors on the world stage. A towering international figure, the Aga Khan has been a ” Person of the Year”…

Source: The Aga Khan: From an Ismaili Muslim Imam to a Global Citizen and Virtual Head of States

The alarm clock started at 6 am but yet again i calmed it down for many times and got up at 7.30 am. After a long time I made breakfast and felt so fresh. Believe me missing breakfast  give the worst start for your day. It is my personal experience. Even having a cup of tea is better than having nothing.
I was trying hard for last many months to follow early to rise but was not able  and now I hope I can do it because for me doing any thing first time is hard and then it becomes a habit very quickly.
early rise in the morning gives the feeling of freshness and  long day to work out your other pending plans.

Early Rise

Human life is such an astonishing thing to live and to look at. When let it go on it shapes itself but such a life is not lived to its full purpose and one you feel unsatisfied when you back at it some day in uture.

To ensure a healthy life you you read , watch, travel , take on new challenges and interact with others and in this way different chapters are made part of life.

Life is a blank sheet when you want to write a new chapter and get up and start and it is a bulky book when you look back and see at it. It is a harsh reality when you look at the hardship overcome. It is a source of accomplishment when you recall the achievements.


Life is a multi phased book to read from. Life is lived when you realize it has an end and then it has purpose as well. The time boundness gives beauty .

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Make your facebook fresh again

Facebook has got over saturated and it is boring now. The news feed shows things which are not interested any more.
There is one way to make it more interesting. You have got many friends,many of whom you may have added  as acquaintance.  If you want to be connected with a certain circle of your friends then go to setting and then to news feed preference and unfollow those whom you dont to show up in your news feed.
Once you do this setting you will find facebook more useful in your connection..

Page of the Day

Life is not as we think it is. It is very hard most of the time but sometimes ,forshort times,it is fascinating too.

If one keeps the end destination in sight then the hard  journey keeps going .Astyaing makes it attractive too for the short time.

Priorities in life are like the candle placed on the dark path.They keep us on track while on a long journey. Being part of the society and sense of contribution gives the strength to move forward .

The love and care for the family gives hope and purpose to move forward.

Going on this long journey one step at a time and consistantly lets one feel alive other wise life becomes stagnant and one feel useless day by day which leads to depression and anxiety.

In summery life is though hard but the only way to feel good is to move forward and to feel alive being purposeful and part of larger circle.



Religion as a Social Life

Human is social animal and to survive a stable life it needs interaction. There are many ways for making this interaction. Virtual interaction are in no way a replacement of social life which one on one interaction can provide,

Whenever I go to religious gathering I realize the immense contribution it provides  an opportunity of social interaction. It provides multiple opportunities of interaction, sense of contribution by volunteering services, learning opportunity and of course a way to spiritual enlighten and realization of our actual purpose of being here in this non-eternal life. This is a common contribution of any religion or sect and sometimes we forget this beautiful common factor and focus what are the differences,

I have not been able to being part of any religious social gathering and never been lucky to give services and that’s the only reason  I always feel non attachment with my faith. I don’t find any good alternatives eithers as I know for me it is the best and perfect and yet I don’t feel the attachment.

Then I think it is what life is, a continuous learning experience and we have to go along flowing with it.


Control Valve Technical Bid Evaluation

Technical bid evaluation  is an important part of an EPC project and both cost and schedule have large impacts.

Control valve and other critical items have more importance of this activity. After doing three major EPC projects with client like GASCO and ADCO I have got good experience and I would like to highlight the important parts of this activity.

Data Sheet

While developing technical data sheet it is important that special attention be given to :

What material is specified for the body, stem, plug, ball and other wetted and non wetted parts of the valve.

The selection of proper material is important since it has large cost impact special if the process is corrosive and custom material are required for wetted parts

Leakage class of the valve

The leakage class should be clearly mention. The classes range from class IV to VI. The later being more stagnant.

Stroke timings

The stroke timings are necessary to be specified since vendor shall select actuator accordingly

Fail Safe Condition

Once the fail safe condition is specified, the valve is designed accordingly. It can be either fail open  or fail close.

Test Requirements

All the required test must be clearly mentioned on the data sheet like material test certificate, leakage test, NDE test and other project specific test required

Material Requisition

Material requisition is also important pre-bid evaluation document. All the  codes and standards to be complied should be listed like ASME, IEC, ISA and other applicable codes.

The documents required from vendor should be listed and also the inspection and test plan should be tabulated.

Once these pre-bid documents are prepared and quotations are received then the quotes are evaluated for technical compliance.

The technical bid evaluation should be prepared in such a way that point by point compliance is obtained from vendor but it should be easy to understand by all three parties(client, contractor and vendors). The best way I have practiced and which is followed in good engineering practice in an EPC project is to tabulate the requirements of both material requisition(clause wise) and the requirements of the data sheet(items wise) and then obtain vendor compliance confirmation in adjacent column of the same table.

It is also important that the confirmation items should also be  reflected in vendor’s technical offer

This practice helps optimizing the time required for technical clarification with vendors and the same document can and should be used for multiple vendor of the same item,

All the deviations of the vendor should be clearly marked and highlighted and be shared with client for approval.