A Trip to Kashmir

one day one of my good friend, Fida Ali, called me and asked me if I want to join them for a trip to Kashmir. I said I will think  and then considering it as usual talk to be forgotten, I didnt respond. After two days he called again and ask what was my decision. I declined but he insisted and yet again I got time to think over it and then I made quite a few excuse to respond on his next call. As usual my excuses were of no use as he had made up his mind and I was already  part of the trip. So it was decided and I agreed to join them in Abbotabad that early morning.

I do not like the trips till the time i get out of the room so I was excited already when I left from Lahore. It was 10pm and I started my journey from Lahore. I reached Abbotabad early morning and had a delicious breakfast at with Fida Ali. The third member of our trip,Mr Fasi ur rehman, was coming from Islamabad. He is very nice and funny guy perfect for such long trips.

We left at 9am and somewhere on the way after exiting Mansehra we stooped at a fruit shop and bought watermellon. It was so tasty and  Fasi asked the guy if it was injection free because in cities when the fruit is tasty we doubt always it .

Then we stared the journey and at a view point in Gadi Habib Ullah we stopped for  some photography. We witness the massive plantation under Billion Tree Tsunami (BTTP). It is really an amazing work been done by Imran Khan and team, specially in an area where there is abundance of tree and large extend of deforestation was going unnoticed. Imran Khan and team did exactly the opposite.

Then the journey started and our next stop was a point near Muzaffadabad. It was really an amazing  view to see the snake shaped river engulfing the city. The Hydro power station and the zigzag road going up on the mountain was also multiplying the beauty of the city.It is small city relatively but the beauty is beyond expression.

We descended and entered the city. Contrary to our expectation Muzaffarabad is very low altitude and very hot city. We did our lunch at Royal Continental Hotel and had some rest before resuming our journey. To make sure we don’t face any issue in our upcoming remote and long journey we went to mechanic to do a check up for our vehicle.

Our next destination was Neelum Valley.

( To be continued)


How to Add Details for Photos

I am sure like me you have come across a photo which is worthy  to be saved as part of  special collection but  sometimes there are details with the photo like caption with   names of people in the photo or some other good details, you could not download and save  as per of the photo. There are two ways to save those details:

  • Save as name of the file

This method has limitation. You can only save small details since file name has characters limitation. Even for small details it is not a good practice to put details in name since there is high risk of that valuable data loss if photo is renamed later.

  • Embed the detail into the photo

The better way is to embed these detail into the photo some how. It seems quite a work but there is an easy way. Follow the below steps:

  1. In File explorer,Go to the folder in which the photo is located
  2. Go to ‘View’ tab and check details pane .
  3. In the details of the picture you can see a part ‘Comments:’ . If there is no comment you can see ‘Add comment’ other wise some comments. In either way click on the comment and you can add/edit the it. This is better way to save extra detail. See the snap below for better help.





Support Shaista to Fight Cancer

Shaista is a 12 year old girl from Gulaghmuli, District Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan who has recently been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.

She twice underwent surgery at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi to remove the tumor in her cervical spine which had completely compressed her spinal chord. After part of the tumor was removed her chord went back in place and was relieved of the pain down her arms and shoulders. A portion of the tumor still remains trapped around the vertebral artery. The remainder of the tumor cannot be extracted surgically and she must undergo chemotherapy and radiation. She also had to undergo a neck fusion to fix her spine just recently.

The Estimated cost of her treatment is around 25 lakh ($25000). Her family has been only able to pay $3000. Mr Niat Murad, her father, is the only bread winner of her family. He is a driver and can’t bear the expenses of Shaista’s hospital expenses on his own.

We ask for your support and prayers as Shaista begins her journey and road to recovery to beat her cancer. Anything you can offer helps.


Control Valve Technical Bid Evaluation

Technical bid evaluation  is an important part of an EPC project and both cost and schedule have large impacts.

Control valve and other critical items have more importance of this activity. After doing three major EPC projects with client like GASCO and ADCO I have got good experience and I would like to highlight the important parts of this activity.

Data Sheet

While developing technical data sheet it is important that special attention be given to :

What material is specified for the body, stem, plug, ball and other wetted and non wetted parts of the valve.

The selection of proper material is important since it has large cost impact special if the process is corrosive and custom material are required for wetted parts

Leakage class of the valve

The leakage class should be clearly mention. The classes range from class IV to VI. The later being more stagnant.

Stroke timings

The stroke timings are necessary to be specified since vendor shall select actuator accordingly

Fail Safe Condition

Once the fail safe condition is specified, the valve is designed accordingly. It can be either fail open  or fail close.

Test Requirements

All the required test must be clearly mentioned on the data sheet like material test certificate, leakage test, NDE test and other project specific test required

Material Requisition

Material requisition is also important pre-bid evaluation document. All the  codes and standards to be complied should be listed like ASME, IEC, ISA and other applicable codes.

The documents required from vendor should be listed and also the inspection and test plan should be tabulated.

Once these pre-bid documents are prepared and quotations are received then the quotes are evaluated for technical compliance.

The technical bid evaluation should be prepared in such a way that point by point compliance is obtained from vendor but it should be easy to understand by all three parties(client, contractor and vendors). The best way I have practiced and which is followed in good engineering practice in an EPC project is to tabulate the requirements of both material requisition(clause wise) and the requirements of the data sheet(items wise) and then obtain vendor compliance confirmation in adjacent column of the same table.

It is also important that the confirmation items should also be  reflected in vendor’s technical offer

This practice helps optimizing the time required for technical clarification with vendors and the same document can and should be used for multiple vendor of the same item,

All the deviations of the vendor should be clearly marked and highlighted and be shared with client for approval.





The Journey of Adventure

Being the inhabitant of Gilgit-Baltistan is no less that a birth gift but leaving here in down cities and then deciding to go home is also no less that a headache. If you decide to go by less physical suffering then it is the financial burden, other wise going by road lot of physical and mental trouble.

Whenever I decide to go home , the hardship of the long journey  unintentionally keeps popping up in my mind days before I  kick off the journey. I cancel short visits many times because of this.

Like every year this year I decided to go home on my favorite season of the year. I like the fall season when the surrounding is all yellow leaves. Walking under the trees and hearing the crunching sound of the dry leaves gives me the best feeling .

We started off our journey on 18 September from Rawalpindi. Despite the clear instruction from home not to take the private transport , I yet again decided to go by private cab since I had the best company of my good friend Safdar Khan and Zaheer Panah and I was sure family would accept my reason this time.


Our journey started at 10pm with a selfie

The journey started off well; till we came to know about the fourth fellow. He was from shimshal and right from the beginning he started a skype video call with a lady and we needed to zip our mouth till he lost the signals and for the first time we were happy at loss of mobile signals. We showed expression of our anger by our nasty khowar comments and still we hope that he does not understand any of them. Later he told us  that beautiful lady  is his wife living in USA.

The driver gave us a sweet surprise when he took the turn to Kaghan-Naran road somewhere on KKH. This was gonna be our chance to be on top, I mean Babusar top.

We reached Babusar in the early morning and it was snowing there. There were many vehicles stuck at the 13700ft height and it was all covered with white blanket of snow.


Snow fall at 13700ft height of Babusar top on 18-Sep-2015

Our jackets were packed and to show our anger to the burning heat of Lahore we got out at the freezing snow fall with our half sleeves shirts and to be honest it was totally freezing. This is the beauty of our Pakistan that it has the two extreme temperature at a travel of less than ten hours.


That’s us the three at Babusar top trying to get a good selfie


The freezing coldness is evident by my expression


The surrounding is covered by white blanket of snow


He likes to take a good memory snap of the moment


A few meters on descending from the top of Babusar

Our journey started again and after descending a few meters it was unbelievable that there was snow up there on  top though it was still cold out there.

After a journey of 11 hour we reached Gilgit. This is one reason I try to avoid going by bus which takes minimum 17 hours and it is exhausting. The journey by car is comparatively relaxing. We got fresh and went out to eat mamtu which we can never afford to miss being in Gilgit. It was now time to say good bye  and head to our native villages.

By that evening 8pm I was with my family and I was feeling really relieved from the hot weather of Lahore and the laborious office work.

In next post I shall highlight the beauty of yellow leaves of my village

An Online Compiler and Debugging Tool

Over the couple of weeks I have come across a nice online plateform which I have been using for editing, compiling and running my codes and I would like to share it with you so that you may also get benifit from it.

The plateform name is Idone.The brief  and concise introduction as stated on the official site of Idone is

Ideone is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online in more than 60 programming languages.

It is very simple yet very powerful    ID tool (should I say tool or site. Lets stick to tool as it makse more sense because of its function).

How to use it?

There are four simple  steps:

1. Enter your code

2. Enter the input (if your code requires any user input)

3. Compile it

4.Run it

The features

This online Id tool has many strong features as any offline tool . Some are discussed here.

1. Self  Indentation

Yes it does the indentation unless you force it to write poor formated code

2. Syntex highlighting

If you mark the syntex highlight box it will number the lines of codes, highlight the functional part of the codes with different colours which looks cool than the black and white text lines.

3. Easy Debugging

If there is any error in your code it will guide you straight to the line of the code where the error is and also will suggest you the required correction.

4. User Input and Output Feature

The most interesting part of the code for me is to be able to give the user input during execution. Idone takes the user input but the only difference with offline tools is that you have to give the input in the input box at beginning of the compilation unlike the offline tool where the compilor ask for input when it reaches at the line of code which ask for the user input. But yet this is good.

The output of the code is shown in the standard output tab.

Other than these there are many other features like download your code etc.

I hope you will find many other features of it once you try it as I too still in exploration of  this great tool.

Happy coding!!!


Fun coding

Last week I had come across the ‘An hour coding’ on khan academy  and it helped me get back to coding. I had cread some cool drawings on the plateform and then I continued this using java how to program book and luckyly I had no work load in office since last couple of weeks so every thing was a favopur of coding for me. Today I did this coding and I really enjoy it when I see the output.:-D

import java.util.*;
import java.lang.*;
import java.io.*;

/* Name of the class has to be “Main” only if the class is public. */
class arrayTest {
public static void main(String [] args){
 double[] myList= {12.0,6.5,7.5,5.0,2.5,10.0,20.0};
 for(int i =0; i<myList.length;i++){
  System.out.println(i + “:” + myList[i] );
 double total = 0;
 for(int j= 0;j<myList.length; j++){
 // System.out.println(“Total is ” + total);
 System.out.println(“Total is ” + total);

I hope this time it will continue.

Lastly I would like to recomment ideone for all those who want to do coding but don’t like or know how to install the compilors. This is really cool plateform to edit, compile and run your codes in any language.

A Page From My Diary

Today I got up early. Offered my Du’a and made breakfast with tea and paratha. It was good except that the amount of salt slipped a little more from my hands:-P

I picked the book, The Eagle Nest which I have been reading this week. The beauty of book is that you are taken in no time into the author’s mind and then to unseen past or some dream lands.

Same happened to me. I was taken back by the author back to Almaut castle. I enjoy reading the religious, political and military affairs of the great Al Maut and its surrounding castles.

The main part of my today’s reading was the conflicts between the crusaders and Rashid ud din Sana in Syria and the then fall of Almaut after the Mongol’s attack.

History is hard to read but once the taste develops it is not only amazing but also helps to fill the dots in one’s mind and track back one’s identity.

Faith also gets strengthened when we know how the base for our comfortable lives had been set and by whom. Or if we are in troubled times then it gives hope that even a ruthless attempt of elimination by an evil like Halgue Khan could not eliminate the true faith though it gets strong set back like we Ismailis got as our post Almaut dark period.

I had been a blind lover of my faith and Imam of the time and after reading it, though all the blindness did not get cleared but I do feel that I belong to a History and have an identity.

A page from my diary dated 21, April 2012

C Programming————Installing Visual Studio

Programming is fun.

Programming in C is even more fun.

These were the output of my first code in visual studio. I love coding but haven’t been able to continue it becuase of my problems.But now I am back and hope I could continue for long this time.

I will share every bit I will learn during this long journey. As part of that I will tell you what problems I faced while downloading the tool. One of the many problem I have been facing in past is not been able to make the plateform ready.

After downloading visual studio from torrentz(pardon if that comes under piracy but I have to 😦 ) I tried to install it but to my surprise it took too long and after waiting for many hours I cancelled the installation twice. then some days later i tried again but this time I got some error message of something related to comparability. I wondered what may be the problem. i googled it and I was releived to see that I was not the first to face this and so I got the solution. I was pretty simple. If you ever faced the same follow these steps.

Setup property

1. Right click on the setup.exe file

2. Go to property

3. Switch to compatability tab.

4. Uncheck ” Run this program in comparability mood for:”

5. If it is disabled then at the bottom of the same tab click “change settings for all users” and then do step 4.

6. Close the property window and run the setup

It should work fine now as my problem was resolved.

Have patience and wait for the program to install. It will take too long as it downloads the setup during the installation.

Once you are done then we are on the same page and will proceed further.