About me

Well I am an passionate guy, passionate to dream big, passionate to do imagination, passionate about my profession and passionate to contribute in the well being and happiness of others and passionate to make consistent and never ending improvement.
I love reading, blogging, social networking and net surfing in general. My interest change with new facilities. There was time I use to watch TV and read newspaper but these habits gone with the flow of time. I now hardly get time for TV and in fact I some times say what the hell is that but I do watch TV series but by downloading them through torrents.
I am a fan of facebook and twitter. For whatever purpose I switch on the PC I end up on these two sites. Though Gmail is the first or third one these days because I am waiting for a good mail as I am about to start my career as an engineer.

I am not a social person. I love to be alone and I can live in a room for weeks and months if provided with basic necessities along a PC and internet connection. I never get bored being alone. I have my own world in which I love to be.
Now why I do blogging?Well I am a lover of keeping regular diary and I have my diary since 8th grade. As I said with time my way of life changes. When I got the facility of internet then i gave up the diary writing and started my blog. I love to write. It is the best way for me to express my feelings and ideas.
I do blogging just for myself. I don’t want some one to come and read it. But if some one reads it and it helps him/her in one way or the other then I will consider that as my social contribution. I love to contribute.
By nature I am a very complex person with not dual but multi character. People consider me as very serious person but I find a devil inside me sometimes. I am very bad in keeping up promises. I have not been able to be committed to myself for long and I suppose i can’t be for others. I want to care for people and want to be around them but once I meet them I get bore very soon and try to get rid of them one way or the other.


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