Religion as a Social Life

Human is social animal and to survive a stable life it needs interaction. There are many ways for making this interaction. Virtual interaction are in no way a replacement of social life which one on one interaction can provide,

Whenever I go to religious gathering I realize the immense contribution it providesĀ  an opportunity of social interaction. It provides multiple opportunities of interaction, sense of contribution by volunteering services, learning opportunity and of course a way to spiritual enlighten and realization of our actual purpose of being here in this non-eternal life. This is a common contribution of any religion or sect and sometimes we forget this beautiful common factor and focus what are the differences,

I have not been able to being part of any religious social gathering and never been lucky to give services and that’s the only reasonĀ  I always feel non attachment with my faith. I don’t find any good alternatives eithers as I know for me it is the best and perfect and yet I don’t feel the attachment.

Then I think it is what life is, a continuous learning experience and we have to go along flowing with it.