Control Valve Technical Bid Evaluation

Technical bid evaluation  is an important part of an EPC project and both cost and schedule have large impacts.

Control valve and other critical items have more importance of this activity. After doing three major EPC projects with client like GASCO and ADCO I have got good experience and I would like to highlight the important parts of this activity.

Data Sheet

While developing technical data sheet it is important that special attention be given to :

What material is specified for the body, stem, plug, ball and other wetted and non wetted parts of the valve.

The selection of proper material is important since it has large cost impact special if the process is corrosive and custom material are required for wetted parts

Leakage class of the valve

The leakage class should be clearly mention. The classes range from class IV to VI. The later being more stagnant.

Stroke timings

The stroke timings are necessary to be specified since vendor shall select actuator accordingly

Fail Safe Condition

Once the fail safe condition is specified, the valve is designed accordingly. It can be either fail open  or fail close.

Test Requirements

All the required test must be clearly mentioned on the data sheet like material test certificate, leakage test, NDE test and other project specific test required

Material Requisition

Material requisition is also important pre-bid evaluation document. All the  codes and standards to be complied should be listed like ASME, IEC, ISA and other applicable codes.

The documents required from vendor should be listed and also the inspection and test plan should be tabulated.

Once these pre-bid documents are prepared and quotations are received then the quotes are evaluated for technical compliance.

The technical bid evaluation should be prepared in such a way that point by point compliance is obtained from vendor but it should be easy to understand by all three parties(client, contractor and vendors). The best way I have practiced and which is followed in good engineering practice in an EPC project is to tabulate the requirements of both material requisition(clause wise) and the requirements of the data sheet(items wise) and then obtain vendor compliance confirmation in adjacent column of the same table.

It is also important that the confirmation items should also be  reflected in vendor’s technical offer

This practice helps optimizing the time required for technical clarification with vendors and the same document can and should be used for multiple vendor of the same item,

All the deviations of the vendor should be clearly marked and highlighted and be shared with client for approval.






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