House MD

So yet again I felt I did late in watching House MD. It is one of the best series I have come across and enjoyed watching. This story is about an anti social mavric doctor who has his unique way of diagnosing unsolved illnesses. It has every thing. The curiosity and craziness of Dr House, the commitment of Dr Cuddy, the gentleness of Dr Willson. The story is both entertaining and useful specially for the medical field. The unique part of the whole series is the misery of Dr house whole life and his unique way of dealing both the patients and his team.

The character of Dr House is  the epic part of the series and the friendship of the trio(House, Cuddy and Willson) is most awesome part throughout the series. The teaching method of Dr House to his teammates and young doctors is perhaps the craziest and unique way.

Some of the most memorable moments and quotes of the series are :

Everybody Lies.  Dr House

People never change, the become more of who they really are. Dr House

If you are dieing, suddenly everyone loves you. Dr House

36c1309f0464eb944357d533ae287358 D House

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