The Journey of Adventure

Being the inhabitant of Gilgit-Baltistan is no less that a birth gift but leaving here in down cities and then deciding to go home is also no less that a headache. If you decide to go by less physical suffering then it is the financial burden, other wise going by road lot of physical and mental trouble.

Whenever I decide to go home , the hardship of the long journey  unintentionally keeps popping up in my mind days before I  kick off the journey. I cancel short visits many times because of this.

Like every year this year I decided to go home on my favorite season of the year. I like the fall season when the surrounding is all yellow leaves. Walking under the trees and hearing the crunching sound of the dry leaves gives me the best feeling .

We started off our journey on 18 September from Rawalpindi. Despite the clear instruction from home not to take the private transport , I yet again decided to go by private cab since I had the best company of my good friend Safdar Khan and Zaheer Panah and I was sure family would accept my reason this time.


Our journey started at 10pm with a selfie

The journey started off well; till we came to know about the fourth fellow. He was from shimshal and right from the beginning he started a skype video call with a lady and we needed to zip our mouth till he lost the signals and for the first time we were happy at loss of mobile signals. We showed expression of our anger by our nasty khowar comments and still we hope that he does not understand any of them. Later he told us  that beautiful lady  is his wife living in USA.

The driver gave us a sweet surprise when he took the turn to Kaghan-Naran road somewhere on KKH. This was gonna be our chance to be on top, I mean Babusar top.

We reached Babusar in the early morning and it was snowing there. There were many vehicles stuck at the 13700ft height and it was all covered with white blanket of snow.


Snow fall at 13700ft height of Babusar top on 18-Sep-2015

Our jackets were packed and to show our anger to the burning heat of Lahore we got out at the freezing snow fall with our half sleeves shirts and to be honest it was totally freezing. This is the beauty of our Pakistan that it has the two extreme temperature at a travel of less than ten hours.


That’s us the three at Babusar top trying to get a good selfie


The freezing coldness is evident by my expression


The surrounding is covered by white blanket of snow


He likes to take a good memory snap of the moment


A few meters on descending from the top of Babusar

Our journey started again and after descending a few meters it was unbelievable that there was snow up there on  top though it was still cold out there.

After a journey of 11 hour we reached Gilgit. This is one reason I try to avoid going by bus which takes minimum 17 hours and it is exhausting. The journey by car is comparatively relaxing. We got fresh and went out to eat mamtu which we can never afford to miss being in Gilgit. It was now time to say good bye  and head to our native villages.

By that evening 8pm I was with my family and I was feeling really relieved from the hot weather of Lahore and the laborious office work.

In next post I shall highlight the beauty of yellow leaves of my village


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