Happy New Year

I was thinking what should i write as my first article for 2015. I couldn’t figure it out. I thought I should write about the out going year review and how good it was. I played a recap in my mind and i decided …akh No i can’t share all that with you all.
Then I though I should write what my goals are for the new year. I yet again replayed last few years firs day and last day. I was not good enough in keeping up with my new year resolution; though some of them get achieved without noticed attempted of mine.
Since I am not fully expressive person and could not share my goals publicly so yet again I got a big NO for this post.
The thinking kept going as I had decided to write one post today. In a failed mood I was scrolling my blog and then I saw a date on post which was quite old and then I decided to see what the date of my first post was and I was surprised to see it was back in 2009.
Every year I put one sentence in my year resolution as ‘Do regular Blogging’ and some where though the year I forget it but today it was a feeling of satisfaction that I have stick to my five year old goal. This is the only thing I have done for myself and haven’t cared much about . Although I have been slow as there are only 107 post in five year but yet being stick to it gave me the satisfaction because I believe that the spark should always be there and it can ignite at any time when there is sufficient energy.
I wouldnt tell you what full list of my new year resolution but I do tell you that yet again I have put blogging as one of my all year goal and this time I will be more active to share my day-to-day life thoughts and experiences.

    Happy new Year to all my beloved readers and to myself 😛

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