An Online Compiler and Debugging Tool

Over the couple of weeks I have come across a nice online plateform which I have been using for editing, compiling and running my codes and I would like to share it with you so that you may also get benifit from it.

The plateform name is Idone.The brief  and concise introduction as stated on the official site of Idone is

Ideone is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online in more than 60 programming languages.

It is very simple yet very powerful    ID tool (should I say tool or site. Lets stick to tool as it makse more sense because of its function).

How to use it?

There are four simple  steps:

1. Enter your code

2. Enter the input (if your code requires any user input)

3. Compile it

4.Run it

The features

This online Id tool has many strong features as any offline tool . Some are discussed here.

1. Self  Indentation

Yes it does the indentation unless you force it to write poor formated code

2. Syntex highlighting

If you mark the syntex highlight box it will number the lines of codes, highlight the functional part of the codes with different colours which looks cool than the black and white text lines.

3. Easy Debugging

If there is any error in your code it will guide you straight to the line of the code where the error is and also will suggest you the required correction.

4. User Input and Output Feature

The most interesting part of the code for me is to be able to give the user input during execution. Idone takes the user input but the only difference with offline tools is that you have to give the input in the input box at beginning of the compilation unlike the offline tool where the compilor ask for input when it reaches at the line of code which ask for the user input. But yet this is good.

The output of the code is shown in the standard output tab.

Other than these there are many other features like download your code etc.

I hope you will find many other features of it once you try it as I too still in exploration of  this great tool.

Happy coding!!!



Happy New Year

I was thinking what should i write as my first article for 2015. I couldn’t figure it out. I thought I should write about the out going year review and how good it was. I played a recap in my mind and i decided …akh No i can’t share all that with you all.
Then I though I should write what my goals are for the new year. I yet again replayed last few years firs day and last day. I was not good enough in keeping up with my new year resolution; though some of them get achieved without noticed attempted of mine.
Since I am not fully expressive person and could not share my goals publicly so yet again I got a big NO for this post.
The thinking kept going as I had decided to write one post today. In a failed mood I was scrolling my blog and then I saw a date on post which was quite old and then I decided to see what the date of my first post was and I was surprised to see it was back in 2009.
Every year I put one sentence in my year resolution as ‘Do regular Blogging’ and some where though the year I forget it but today it was a feeling of satisfaction that I have stick to my five year old goal. This is the only thing I have done for myself and haven’t cared much about . Although I have been slow as there are only 107 post in five year but yet being stick to it gave me the satisfaction because I believe that the spark should always be there and it can ignite at any time when there is sufficient energy.
I wouldnt tell you what full list of my new year resolution but I do tell you that yet again I have put blogging as one of my all year goal and this time I will be more active to share my day-to-day life thoughts and experiences.

    Happy new Year to all my beloved readers and to myself 😛