Social Life insensitiveness

For the last couple of days I have been surfing the net in office time since I am not loaded. During this surfing I came across some new sites and I also come across some of my old ‘keep in touched’ sites which yet again refreshed me and rebounded me.

What interest me is only one thing and that is science and technology. I am insensitive to social life  issues and neither I feel like contributor in betterment of it. Many times I tried to develop my interest in social life but it is true that some thing comes natural and could not be developed.

I usually go in indefinite loop when I read on a sci-tech site clicking from link to link but when I read a social life related article I always leave it a t the middle. Then I thought about it and pondered if some thing is wrong. To me judgement I am not only insensitive to just social life but also to others suffering. I didn’t feel the suffering of little child H who was brutally killed recently. I couldn’t feel the suffering of the 150 school children death, though i condemned those inhuman acts of those terrorist.

What could be the reason of this insensitiveness. There may be many reason but to me the virtual life which social media and cellular network given us seem the prime factors of my insensitiveness. Though we get the instant information but we never feel the actual human feeling which comes by face to face communication.

This post is just highlighting the problem and I yet do not know the remedy of it  and I am thinking to include this in my new year point of concerns.



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