Through the Eyes of Camera

Enjoy the beautiful scenes of different valleys of Ghizer,

Ghizer is one of the seven district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. These valleys are blessed with utmost natural beauty covered with high mountains and lush green valleys. The river flows through the valley and it multiplies the beauty many fold.

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An energetic and optimistic person who always looks at life with hope and courage. Strongly believe in everything happens for a reason and for good. Life is what you dream of it. Every situation is what you give meaning to it. There is nothing as such existing except what we give meaning to it.
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One Response to Through the Eyes of Camera

  1. Anwar Khan says:

    Natural Beauty soothes us when we get too much obsessed with the hectic routine of our day to day life. The natural manifestations play their role all revitalizing pills to providing us the strength to be fresh up and be ready to get back to work. The pics portray the skilful hands God who been so bountiful to bless us with such magnificent natural beauty. We may not be that lucky to have all the resources available in that remotest region of North yet we enjoy matchless environment free of all evils in the company of natural scenes which someone can’t get for million dollars spending on.


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