Trophy Case

Today I was thinking what should I write in my todays blog post and I open the wordpress page and somehow browsing I reached at a page titled “Trophy Case”. It is said that encouragement is always good and helps in a person to do more. The following word on that page realy insperied me

My, aren’t you a prolific publisher! Take a look at all the achievements you’ve earned so far. Maybe you should blog about ‘emImage

So I decided to write about my achievement here on my blog. It says that a picture speaks louder than words so above is the image which shows what have been achieved in my two years of slow and steady journey. I never gave up blogging though there were big gaps due to some unavoidable circumstances.

But today it gave me the encouragement that I have done allot and it also strengthened my belief that slow and steady going wins. I am now detremined that I will keep on my writing and will do more. It is the only thing I am doing for myself.

Happy blogging!!!


About Karim Shah's Blog Life is what we expect from it

An energetic and optimistic person who always looks at life with hope and courage. Strongly believe in everything happens for a reason and for good. Life is what you dream of it. Every situation is what you give meaning to it. There is nothing as such existing except what we give meaning to it.
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