Life as it goes on

Life is a very complex phenomena. We live in present moment but long for the past and wait anxiously for the future. My own experience so for has been so much confusing.

When I was a child I justified my comfortableness by the thought that once I am done with this schooling then life gonna be easy and then came that seemingly unending school and then college life. It had its charm but  I did long for everyday to pass at that moment. Every exams I was thinking that next semester be one step closer to an easy life. Any how it ended with that same justification. Then the professional life started and the same story start unfolding. Somtimes the project at hand seemed so hard that I wish it to end and have next one and do well from the very beginning.

Looking back now I have now understand it that yes life is difficult but we have to do our role well and then let the result be whatever they are. We have to make sure not to say alas I missed that moment. Avail every moment and not be afraid of failure and get encouragement by the success and positive outputs.


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