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Enjoy the beautiful scenes of different valleys of Ghizer,

Ghizer is one of the seven district of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. These valleys are blessed with utmost natural beauty covered with high mountains and lush green valleys. The river flows through the valley and it multiplies the beauty many fold.

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Cable Management Mistakes To Avoid

To prevent unnecessary downtime, your cable management system must be correctly specified, designed, and installed.

Simple considerations in the beginning can prevent big problems – such as loss of continuity, insulation damage, mechanical deformation, or EMI problems – later on.

I have put together seven common cable management mistakes and also detailed how you can avoid making them.

Cable management mistakes

1. Lack of interior separation

Interior separators and shelves are crucial for keeping similar cables and hoses compartmentalized. When no separation is used, cables can cross over one another and become entangled.

The clearance height of a compartment with several cables and hoses next to one another shouldn’t amount to more than one-and-a-half times the largest cable or hose diameter.

Cables with very different diameters should be laid in separate compartments. Cables and hoses with incompatible outer jacket materials should also be separated. (See point number 6 below for more on this.)

The maximum cable or hose diameter corresponds to the inner height of the selected cable carrier, with additional minimum clearance. We recommend leaving a 10% clearance around round electrical cables and a 20% clearance around hydraulic hoses.
Correct cable separation

A correctly separated cable carrier

The faster and more frequently the cable carrier operates, the more important the exact positioning of the cables and hoses inside. For high-speed applications over 1.64 feet per second, or high-cycle applications over 10,000 per year, cables or hoses must not be laid on top of one another without horizontal separation.

2. Unevenly distributed weight

Cables and hoses need to be laid inside a cable carrier so that they can move freely from side to side, without exerting tensile force along the radius.

Unevenly distributed cable weight can result in a cable carrier that is too heavy on one side. This can disrupt movement and cause the cable carrier to tilt, potentially interfering with the work area.

3. Cable carrier overfilled

It’s easy to think, “I’ve got the space, why not fill it?”

However, overfilling a cable carrier can obstruct free cable movement. Cables that do not have room to move will interfere with the movement of the cable carrier.

In addition, if cables become caught on one another and bind together, cable jacket wear can be significantly increased.

There is also more chance of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) when power cables and data cables are positioned close together.

As a rule, we recommend you space power and data cables as far apart as possible. This is best practice for EMI prevention.
Overfilled cable carrier

An overfilled cable carrier

4. Lack of proper strain relief

Without strain relief, you can’t control the length of the cable inside the carrier.

As the cable carrier moves back and forth, the cable will pull into the carrier and bunch up, causing premature system failure. Points outside the carrier, such as the connectors or end termination points, will also absorb all the mechanical force.

Typically, round electrical cables should be secured with strain relief at both ends. In exceptional cases, the cables may be fixed with strain relief at the moving end only.

A gap of 10-30 times the cable diameter between the end of the bend radius and the fixed point is recommended.
Strain relief

Strain relieved cables inside a cable carrier

5. Not installing cables along the neutral axis

Correctly strain relieved cables will position in the neutral axis of a cable carrier.

Cables should not be pulled tight against the inner radius or pushed up against the outer radius.

Strain relief should be performed and then checked in both the extended and home position.
Neutral axis

The cable is neither pulled tight against the inner bend radius, nor pushed against the outer radius.

6. Dissimilar jacket types placed next to one another

If cable or hose outer jackets have different coefficients of friction (COF) and they rub against one another, the harder, more resilient material will wear down the softer material.

While PUR and TPE outer jackets have similar wear characteristics, and so laying them inside the same compartment is generally not a problem, mixing PVC and PUR jackets is not recommended.

If jacket materials need to be mixed in the same carrier, then ensure the jacket material is rated for cable carrier use. Rubber or thermoset jacket materials tend to have tackier surfaces and will bind inside cable carriers. For this reason, we don’t recommend them as an outer-jacket material.

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Invictus—Memorable Quotes

Nelson Mandela: [reciting] Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole / I thanks whatever gods may be, for my unconquerable soul. / In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud / Under the bludgeonings of fate, my head is bloody, but unbowed. / Beyond this place of wrath and tears, looms but the horror of the shade / and yet, the menace of the years finds, and shall find me, unafraid. / It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll / I am the master of my fate – I am the captain of my soul.

Nelson Mandela: How do you inspire your team to do their best?

Francois Pienaar: By example. I’ve always thought to lead by example, sir.

Nelson Mandela: Well, that is right. That is exactly right. But how do we get them to be better then they think they CAN be? That is very difficult, I find. Inspiration, perhaps. How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us? I sometimes think it is by using the work of others

[appearing at the South African Sports Committee, after they had elected to disband the Springbok rugby team]

Nelson Mandela: Brothers, sisters, comrades: I am here because I believe you have made a decision with insufficient information and foresight. I am aware of your earlier vote. I am aware that it was unanimous. Nonetheless, I believe we should restore the Springboks; restore their name, their emblem and their colors, Let me tell you why. On Robben Island, in Pollsmoor Prison, all of my jailers were Afrikaners. For 27 years, I studied them. I learned their language, read their books, their poetry. I had to know my enemy before I could prevail against him. And we DID prevail, did we not? All of us here… we prevailed. Our enemy is no longer the Afrikaner. They are our fellow South Africans, our partners in democracy. And they treasure Springbok rugby. If we take that away, we lose them. We prove that we are what they feared we would be. We have to be better than that. We have to surprise them with compassion, with restraint and generosity; I know, all of the things they denied us. But this is no time to celebrate petty revenge. This is the time to build our nation using every single brick available to us, even if that brick comes wrapped in green and gold. You elected me your leader. Let me lead you now.

Brenda Mazibuko: You’re risking your political capital, you’re risking your future as our leader.

Nelson Mandela: The day I am afraid to do that is the day I am no longer fit to lead.

Nelson Mandela: Forgiveness liberates the soul.It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.

Etienne Feyder: When does he take a break?

Staff Member: He says he rested enough in prison.


The Teacher & the Student

Is the bird alive? The young man was at the end of his 16bhjkytraining, soon he would go on to be a teacher. Like all good pupils, he needed to challenge his teacher and to develop his own way of thinking. He caught a bird, placed it in one hand and went to see his teacher. ‘Teacher, is this bird alive or dead?’ His plan was the following: if his teacher said ‘dead’, he would open his hand and the bird would fly away. If the answer was ‘alive’, he would crush the bird between his fingers; that way the teacher would be wrong whichever answer he gave. ‘Teacher, is the bird alive or dead?’ he asked again. ‘My dear student, that depends on you,’ was the teacher’s reply


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The most destructive of weapons

The most destructive of weapons is not the spear or the siege cannon, which can wound a body and demolish a wall.
The most terrible of all weapons is the word, which can ruin a life without leaving a trace of blood, and whose wounds never heal.

Let us, then, be the masters of our tongue and not the slaves of our words.
Even if words are used against us, let us not enter a battle that cannot be won.
The moment we place ourselves on the same level as some vile adversary, we will be fighting in the dark, and the only winner will be the Lord of Darkness.

Loyalty is a pearl among grains of sand, and only those who really understand its meaning can see it.

Thus the Sower of Discord can pass the same spot a thousand times and never see the little jewel that keeps together those who need to remain united.

Loyalty can never be imposed by force, fear, insecurity or intimidation.
It is a choice that only strong spirits have the courage to make.

And because it is a choice, it will never tolerate betrayal, but will always be generous with mistakes.
And because it is a choice, it withstands time and passing conflicts.taken from

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Trophy Case

Today I was thinking what should I write in my todays blog post and I open the wordpress page and somehow browsing I reached at a page titled “Trophy Case”. It is said that encouragement is always good and helps in a person to do more. The following word on that page realy insperied me

My, aren’t you a prolific publisher! Take a look at all the achievements you’ve earned so far. Maybe you should blog about ‘emImage

So I decided to write about my achievement here on my blog. It says that a picture speaks louder than words so above is the image which shows what have been achieved in my two years of slow and steady journey. I never gave up blogging though there were big gaps due to some unavoidable circumstances.

But today it gave me the encouragement that I have done allot and it also strengthened my belief that slow and steady going wins. I am now detremined that I will keep on my writing and will do more. It is the only thing I am doing for myself.

Happy blogging!!!

When I look Back it is charming

It was late afternoon I was sitting with my friends in GCU Iqbal hostel lawn. Me and some of my friends had applied for undergraduate admission in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology and seeing those pages of the prospectus it looked like a far away dream and I thought that it could never happen that I be part of GIKI.



Time went so quick, I became part of it and did my four year study in my beloved university and had the most amazing four years of my life and now after three years it looks like a dream yet again.

Today when i filled up the registration for Alumni home coming in celebration of 20th year of the Institute, I felt so proud and thankful to be part of it. Whenever I see my GIKI photos or when I look on GIKI site I get the inspiration and also feel nostalgic for those days and also feel so jealous for the people who are now there(pardon no offence!!)

GIKI Alumni Home Coming 2013

GIKI Alumni Home Coming 2013


Life as it goes on

Life is a very complex phenomena. We live in present moment but long for the past and wait anxiously for the future. My own experience so for has been so much confusing.

When I was a child I justified my comfortableness by the thought that once I am done with this schooling then life gonna be easy and then came that seemingly unending school and then college life. It had its charm but  I did long for everyday to pass at that moment. Every exams I was thinking that next semester be one step closer to an easy life. Any how it ended with that same justification. Then the professional life started and the same story start unfolding. Somtimes the project at hand seemed so hard that I wish it to end and have next one and do well from the very beginning.

Looking back now I have now understand it that yes life is difficult but we have to do our role well and then let the result be whatever they are. We have to make sure not to say alas I missed that moment. Avail every moment and not be afraid of failure and get encouragement by the success and positive outputs.


Progress made by humanity in the Near East and Europe suffered a severe setback after the fall of the Roman empire, and the 6th century saw Europe almost relapse into barbarism once again. Hardly could any Christian read or write; the priestly class enforcing on their followers the motto of Pope Gregory that ‘ignorance is the mother of devotion’, demanded blind obedience to their dogmas. Likewise in Asia, the Hinduism, Buddhism and other cults had deteriorated, becoming mere bundles of outward forms and ceremonial worship. It was at this juncture that the greatest reformer Muhammad, the son of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib arose in Arabia. Through his love of knowledge and reverence for learning, mediaeval Europe once more was to become acquainted with art and science and the way was to be paved for the Renaissance. Stanwood Cobb, founder of the Progressive Education Association, states in similar vein:- ‘Islam, impinging culturally upon adjacent Christian countries, was the virtual creator of the Renaissance in Europe.’ (vide ‘Islam’s Contribution to the World Culture’, World Order, 6:202,9/40)