Movie: Done Larry Crowne

Done Larry Crowne

It is light movie no no much mess in it. if you are in a mood just to get fresh then this is good choice. But You must be a beleiver of romace and and love to like. If I am right who si NOT :-p

What is int it?

You have to stand up when other make you fall. One failure is the beginning for another chapter of life and don’t you like a new chapter come on …lolz

There is care and love in it. Don’t judge people by their look. You need to see deep in him.

Friends make color to life. When a girl is nice to you it does not mean she wants sex or want marry. Friendship and care can be done just two normal human. The girl added the most beautiful color to larry’s life doing nothing but just changing some parts of his life which she thought were not good presentation of him.



Yes if you have one edge of any skill, always keep polishing it and at time of hardship it will help you. See how the cooking helped Larry.

Now some quotes from the movie:

Dr. Matsutani:They call them smart phones, but only dummies use them in my class.

Dr. Matsutani:This is college, there’s only two things you can’t do: smoke in the building and use your phone in my class.

Dean Tainot: You know, I know what really pisses you off. What is really pissing you off is that I like big knockers and you don’t have any!

Lamar: I told you how to avoid divorce lawyers. You get married, and you stay married.


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