The Notebook

Today i watched this movie: The notebook. I can’t imagine can someone love someone that much?i have read many love stories and watched romantic movies but it was different. First they loved each other and then the family gaps came up to separate them apart. They kept waiting and after many years they met and the love was not over from either of them. Isn’t all other stories like this?Image

But it was different from there on. first the seperation was because of the girl being of rich family and guy poor. They happily married. the girl lost her memory and then the guy lost her love yet again. In the story the guy reads the notebook to the girl to enable her to regain memory and at the last few minutes she recalls every thing and I thought how lucky they were but to my surprises she asked “Why you calling me darling? do i know you” and there he was again wondering what to do.

He had his yet another heart attack.He set off to try again to get his love back. i salute them Imageboth and wish it was a bit related to my life story too. But who know may be one day i may write my own story. Best of luck to me šŸ™‚


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