Ek Udas sham talne ko hai

ek udas sham phir talne ko hai

phir wahi afsos phir wahi beqadge

hum nay khud ko ek wadha kia

par phir say khud hi tor dia

phir se ye udas sham ki sabab bani

phir se ashak ankho mai ayen

phir se usay kho dia

phir se khud ko na pa sakay

phir say ek udas sham dalne ko hai

ye muntazir hun mai ek arsay se

kab mai ponch sak us sham ko

jo mai nay dekha tha ek udas sham ko

duniya apna basaya hun

kisi ko ab tak nahi anay dia hai

par q kabhi kabhi us ka muntazir rehta hun

aj phir uskay na anay ka ehsas huwa

aj phir se usay kho dia

aj phir ek udas sham tal nay ko hai


Movie: Done Larry Crowne

Done Larry Crowne

It is light movie no no much mess in it. if you are in a mood just to get fresh then this is good choice. But You must be a beleiver of romace and and love to like. If I am right who si NOT :-p

What is int it?

You have to stand up when other make you fall. One failure is the beginning for another chapter of life and don’t you like a new chapter come on …lolz

There is care and love in it. Don’t judge people by their look. You need to see deep in him.

Friends make color to life. When a girl is nice to you it does not mean she wants sex or want marry. Friendship and care can be done just two normal human. The girl added the most beautiful color to larry’s life doing nothing but just changing some parts of his life which she thought were not good presentation of him.



Yes if you have one edge of any skill, always keep polishing it and at time of hardship it will help you. See how the cooking helped Larry.

Now some quotes from the movie:

Dr. Matsutani:They call them smart phones, but only dummies use them in my class.

Dr. Matsutani:This is college, there’s only two things you can’t do: smoke in the building and use your phone in my class.

Dean Tainot: You know, I know what really pisses you off. What is really pissing you off is that I like big knockers and you don’t have any!

Lamar: I told you how to avoid divorce lawyers. You get married, and you stay married.

Random Thoughts of the day

Life bring so much diversity. Some times it brings only the clear options where we don’t need to choose but some times there are options we have to pick one out of many and that decision of the moments shapes our life later on.

Life is to be lived. Being part of the society we have to follow the imposed rules but one should have moments where he should have his individual being and his or her own rules and even some moments where no rules at all. let the life flow by its own nature.

Following one pattern makes life boring. There must always be changes, there must be surprises. Do what you have not done yet. be it some thing small but make sure u did  one every day and imagine at the end of year and after many years when you look back how beautiful colored life will be. Make sure it is not gray at that moment.

Nature also teach us this lesson. Life does not remain same. Some times it is all comfort but some times it seems very odd and hard but look back how many such moments have passed and you still have the hope so whenever you have good moments share it with your dear ones and when you have hard moments just remember it shall pass too.

Do have your own imaginary world. it never cost to imagine. What you like the most imagine it.Life is beautiful and live every moment of it.

The Notebook

Today i watched this movie: The notebook. I can’t imagine can someone love someone that much?i have read many love stories and watched romantic movies but it was different. First they loved each other and then the family gaps came up to separate them apart. They kept waiting and after many years they met and the love was not over from either of them. Isn’t all other stories like this?Image

But it was different from there on. first the seperation was because of the girl being of rich family and guy poor. They happily married. the girl lost her memory and then the guy lost her love yet again. In the story the guy reads the notebook to the girl to enable her to regain memory and at the last few minutes she recalls every thing and I thought how lucky they were but to my surprises she asked “Why you calling me darling? do i know you” and there he was again wondering what to do.

He had his yet another heart attack.He set off to try again to get his love back. i salute them Imageboth and wish it was a bit related to my life story too. But who know may be one day i may write my own story. Best of luck to me 🙂