A Page From My Diary

Today I got up early. Offered my Du’a and made breakfast with tea and paratha. It was good except that the amount of salt slipped a little more from my hands:-P

I picked the book, The Eagle Nest which I have been reading this week. The beauty of book is that you are taken in no time into the author’s mind and then to unseen past or some dream lands.

Same happened to me. I was taken back by the author back to Almaut castle. I enjoy reading the religious, political and military affairs of the great Al Maut and its surrounding castles.

The main part of my today’s reading was the conflicts between the crusaders and Rashid ud din Sana in Syria and the then fall of Almaut after the Mongol’s attack.

History is hard to read but once the taste develops it is not only amazing but also helps to fill the dots in one’s mind and track back one’s identity.

Faith also gets strengthened when we know how the base for our comfortable lives had been set and by whom. Or if we are in troubled times then it gives hope that even a ruthless attempt of elimination by an evil like Halgue Khan could not eliminate the true faith though it gets strong set back like we Ismailis got as our post Almaut dark period.

I had been a blind lover of my faith and Imam of the time and after reading it, though all the blindness did not get cleared but I do feel that I belong to a History and have an identity.

A page from my diary dated 21, April 2012


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