A Page From My Diary

In life we face situation which are not in our control but it is always in our hand how we react to them and how we give meaning to them. To the surprising the only thing that matters is our response and not the situation itself.

But is it always necessary for the situation to occur and rect? Not necessary at all. We can think of other ways to avoid any bad situation or at least look for the dimensions which may go in our favor.

These are the two behavior of people for any situation.The first one is reactive and the later is Proactive behavior.

Reactive people always look for the ways to put the responsibilities on others and usually say ‘ I can’t do any thing about it’, ‘it was suppose to happen’, If I had …..I would had done…….’ They look for reasoner  of why they are incapable of doing it.

on the other hand  the proactive people say ‘ I will prefer’, ;I will be…’, ‘I would chose to …’, ‘It happened that way but i would not repeat it next time’. These kind of people take the responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes.

The difference of behavior in these two kind of people lies in their focus of energy. Reactive people put their energy on their circle of concern. and proactive people put it on their circle of influence.

Proactive people behavior is driven by values and principles unlike the reactive people who are driven by conditioning or conditions.

The proactive behavior is for change ‘inside-out’. These people blend their perception as per situations rather than blaming the uncontrollable factors outside. They take their weather of mood within themselves and irrespective of if it is raining or burning hot, they keep a healthy smile on their faces.


This was my review after I read the part of book Seven habits of highly effective people.




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