Malala Day-10th Nove-2012

“Malala, Malala, Malala”, since last month I can’t stop thinking about Malala.

Malala is a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Pakistan that was shot in the head by Taliban on October 9 for speaking up for girls right to education. But why the Taliban directly attacked a girl from a picturesque valley called SWAT. Malala a girl with vision that started her career at the early age of 11 is now in the headlines of the world’s news while her life and her dreams are in danger.

We have to understand Malala’s life to realize why she got to be the most wanted prey for the Taliban. Since years she has been known for her bright mind and her work as youth, education and women’s right activist. Recently the Taliban has banned girl’s attendance to school and Malala decided to stand up because as thousands of girls that were affected she wanted to go to school. Consequently, the Taliban called her work an obscenity and saw her as a symbol of the western culture, as she represented the aim of girls in the world that want to have an education and opportunities to accomplish their dreams in life. That’s why the Taliban wanted to give her and the world a lesson, because they think girls don’t deserve to be educated as they threaten their regime.

In addition, she is known for being a girl with vision that has been able to achieve an enormous impact not just in her country but also around the world. Since she was 11 she knew even more than adults in her community that her voice mattered and decided to speak and to represent the courage that her generation needed. Without fear and by believing in herself she started her career, which is highlighted by her participation as an anonymous blogger for the BBC where she used the byline name “Gul Makai”. In this blog she posted about her daily life challenges under the Taliban. One day she wrote that she had a dream that was very close to what happened on October 9 when she was on her way to school. Malala’s activism has helped her on having the opportunity to represent her movement in institutions like Unicef and has been recognized by prices like the International Children’s Peace Price and the National Youth Prize. Malala’s friends have been sharing that she wants now to be a politician but unfortunately now her career is being threatened and with her career the dreams of millions of girls around the world.

The UN has called November 10 as the day of Malala and the other 32 million girls that can’t go to school, as this is a relevant topic for the accomplishment of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals. On this day we all can be Malala, saying “I am Malala” will mean that you care about Malala and girls education around the world. Our involvement in this movement will first help girls in Pakistan to go back to school. But let’s go a little further, this day will be important for every girl that is living or that will be living in this planet. It’s our duty to be part of it.

For the first time in history there is a fight for girls going on; end of child marriage, education, opportunities and health for girls are topics that are being discussed in every corner of the world. Now that Malala is in the eyes of the world and it is the chance for us to stand up. This is the time when we should start speaking, tweeting and posting about Malala. It is the time to share her story and to contribute to her fight. Malala from a hospital in the UK is waiting for all of us to act.

The opportunity to ensure girls education around the world is here. Malala is a hero and a great example for all of us. We have to make sure that she goes back to school and that she continues the journey of getting closer to her dreams, a world where girls and boys have the same rights.

We need to care about what’s going on in the world to make it a better place to live. We are all here, together. Malala Yousafzai was 11 when she started. When are we going to start? Malala’s key was that she had a strong cause, a big dream and a high belief that she can win the fight.

Malala is changing the world. How are we going to change it?

originally posted on: socialmedia4change by María Fernanda Gándara Gil

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