Inspirations and realities

I had been wondering sometimes back in past from whom I am inspired by? It kept changing with my study. Sometimes the remarkable work and insight of scientists inspired me,  sometimes the motivational speaker’s magical words attracted me.  When I went for search of my own being the saints and sufis likeRumni and others inspired me.

I need to study them and get myself reminded? I was for long time living in a kind of virtual life. I had books, internet, GBs of movies and song storage. I enjoyed them all.

But life is not all that. I realized this in short time of my professional life when I needed to travel by local transport early in the morning. I had to deal with the diverse people with whom I come in contact. I had learned very ideal rules and principles of civic life in that isolated virtual life. I had watched many series and movies where life was as you wished it to be. But in our society it is not like that. You have to adjust yourself as per the action and reaction of people around. People here don’t have civic sense.

One day I observed on the way to office that there it has written on a sign board on the road ‘don’t cross the fence  and the overfly  bridge is at few steps away’ but still one man tries to over cross feet high fence and gets stuck in that.When there is capacity of maximum fourteen people ( which one engineer has set while designing the vehicle!!) in a van, the conductor forces people to squeeze and pack in as many as people (sometimes 20+ ). What can one do at that time. get out and take an auto? They ask for triple times price saying ‘No Gass today’.

In the middle of all this there are people who keep fighting for their goals (even complaining!).

To add to all this there comes the time where you are supposed to fulfill your responsibilities as a member of family, as a friend. Life is hard  and only those survive who bear all these shits and i am doing my part .


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