C Programming————Installing Visual Studio

Programming is fun.

Programming in C is even more fun.

These were the output of my first code in visual studio. I love coding but haven’t been able to continue it becuase of my problems.But now I am back and hope I could continue for long this time.

I will share every bit I will learn during this long journey. As part of that I will tell you what problems I faced while downloading the tool. One of the many problem I have been facing in past is not been able to make the plateform ready.

After downloading visual studio from torrentz(pardon if that comes under piracy but I have to 😦 ) I tried to install it but to my surprise it took too long and after waiting for many hours I cancelled the installation twice. then some days later i tried again but this time I got some error message of something related to comparability. I wondered what may be the problem. i googled it and I was releived to see that I was not the first to face this and so I got the solution. I was pretty simple. If you ever faced the same follow these steps.

Setup property

1. Right click on the setup.exe file

2. Go to property

3. Switch to compatability tab.

4. Uncheck ” Run this program in comparability mood for:”

5. If it is disabled then at the bottom of the same tab click “change settings for all users” and then do step 4.

6. Close the property window and run the setup

It should work fine now as my problem was resolved.

Have patience and wait for the program to install. It will take too long as it downloads the setup during the installation.

Once you are done then we are on the same page and will proceed further.


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