Memories of my childhood

My Mom,Tai ammi and My Sis

My Mom,Tai ammi and My Sis

I am in real trouble not to figure out why I am sleeping with my head the wrong way. I  couldn’t figure out it and in this confusion I woke up and I am so happy to see it was in my unconscious that i was facing the problem and I have been sleeping the right way. 🙂

It is morning and mom is making tea for dad which they call ‘Hazrio Chai’, The Attendance Tea. The quality of this tea was very good. I rarely could get up and had the chance to take this tea.

But today I was suppose to getup early as I had promised mom that in the morning I would take the animals to the grazing pasture. I could not see mom going for it and then coming back and make breakfast for us before we go to school.

I got up and took the animals there. Everyone was taking his/her cows to the pasture. I vividly recall I use to stare the girls on the way but I could never mange to talk to any girl which persisted with me for so long even now.

When I came back mom had made the breakfast for us. My dad was teacher at the same government school where we were studying. Usually in our area people make the cake sort thing which we call ‘brat’ in the evening and use it with tea at breakfast but my dad never allowed that as he likes fresh cooked bread for breakfast.

Rahim bhai had already got up and my sisters were also getting ready for school after helping mom in house hold work. I too did my breakfast and got ready for school. It was most probably half past seven by then.

We left for school and at our usual point we found our two best school time friends Sahib Jan and Rehmat Khan. What A lovely time that was. I will always cherish those beautiful moment of my early school life. On the way our late friend Mirza Hassan would also join us. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.

At school we spend the whole day with all sort of fun and then came home. I wounder how mom never miss to prepare the lunch before we reach home. She doesn’t know to read clock but throughout the eight years of my school life she never delayed the lunch even once. Whenever we entered home we found her making bread and we use to have the lunch. Either we use to had potato or green vegetable for lunch. Potato is not considered a vegetable in my village even now!!

After lunch we went to religious school. I remember the lovely time spend there. We use to make so much noise. Now seeing the troubles here in cities and hearing the people debates on how the education system should be I feel so blessed and proud that at so early time, even before that, we have such the quality system of education both worldly and religious with the blessings of our beloved Mawla.

After religious school the kids use to go for some  folk sport. Here I find the sacrifice I (and my brother) had made at our early age for our education. Dad wouldn’t let us go for sports and use to do home tuition. Sometimes we even hate studying so much but I now know what my dad was doing it for.

At evening we would go for Jamath Khana, offer dua and come back home. Mom had made dinner.After dinner we studied for at least two or three hours. The day ended happily and we slept.

My Dad, My teacher

My Dad, My teacher

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