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“And Who Taught You That’

A man decided to go in search of God. And he went after the masters who were said to have profound knowledge about the reasons for which the universe had been created and promised to explain what God wanted from … Continue reading

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Instrument loop diagrams are an important document of instrumentation and control design. These are used both at construction time and later troubleshoot because they show the complete loop on one sheet (or two at maximum). Some of the importanat information … Continue reading

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A Page From My Diary

Today I got up early. Offered my Du’a and made breakfast with tea and paratha. It was good except that the amount of salt slipped a little more from my hands:-P I picked the book, The Eagle Nest which I … Continue reading

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A Page From My Diary

In life we face situation which are not in our control but it is always in our hand how we react to them and how we give meaning to them. To the surprising the only thing that matters is our … Continue reading

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Inspirations and realities

I had been wondering sometimes back in past from whom I am inspired by? It kept changing with my study. Sometimes the remarkable work and insight of scientists inspired me,  sometimes the motivational speaker’s magical words attracted me.  When I went for search of … Continue reading

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Malala Day-10th Nove-2012

“Malala, Malala, Malala”, since last month I can’t stop thinking about Malala. Malala is a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Pakistan that was shot in the head by Taliban on October 9 for speaking up for girls right to education. But why … Continue reading

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C Programming————Installing Visual Studio

Programming is fun. Programming in C is even more fun. These were the output of my first code in visual studio. I love coding but haven’t been able to continue it becuase of my problems.But now I am back and … Continue reading

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