“And Who Taught You That’

A man decided to go in search of God.

And he went after the masters who were said to have profound knowledge about the reasons for which the universe had been created and promised to explain what God wanted from humanity.

‘But who taught you that?’ he asked the masters. ‘Was it God Himself?’

The masters would say many beautiful words, but they weren’t able to define exactly who taught them everything they preached to the four winds.

Therefore, after a few days of learning here and there, the man would always move on. In his travels he ended up learning about a valley in which the peasants affirmed that at a nearby mountain, God would speak to those who reached it.

And the man went to the mountain. He waited for three days, fasting and praying, but God didn’t approach him.

On the fourth day, already desperate, he shouted: ‘Where are you?’ Echo answered: ‘Where are you?’

And from that moment on, the man understood that God asked the same question and that He was seeking him too.


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Instrument loop diagrams are an important document of instrumentation and control design. These are used both at construction time and later troubleshoot because they show the complete loop on one sheet (or two at maximum).

Some of the importanat information which is put on ILDs are:

The instruments in the loop

The field junction box along with the termination strip no of each instruemnt

The core/pair size of the JBs cables to and from

The Marshaling cabinet strip no

The slot, rack and cabinet no to which the cable terminates

The loop no to which the instrument belongs

Now lets see what are the source documents which are needed for preparations of ILDs.

First of all we should have the master index list of all the instruments whci are in the system or plant.

From the index and using the P&ID  I/O list is developed from which we know how many cables and instruments are total in all the closed loops in the system.

Then the JBs and their termination information is extracted from cable schedule.

to be continued…

A Page From My Diary

Today I got up early. Offered my Du’a and made breakfast with tea and paratha. It was good except that the amount of salt slipped a little more from my hands:-P

I picked the book, The Eagle Nest which I have been reading this week. The beauty of book is that you are taken in no time into the author’s mind and then to unseen past or some dream lands.

Same happened to me. I was taken back by the author back to Almaut castle. I enjoy reading the religious, political and military affairs of the great Al Maut and its surrounding castles.

The main part of my today’s reading was the conflicts between the crusaders and Rashid ud din Sana in Syria and the then fall of Almaut after the Mongol’s attack.

History is hard to read but once the taste develops it is not only amazing but also helps to fill the dots in one’s mind and track back one’s identity.

Faith also gets strengthened when we know how the base for our comfortable lives had been set and by whom. Or if we are in troubled times then it gives hope that even a ruthless attempt of elimination by an evil like Halgue Khan could not eliminate the true faith though it gets strong set back like we Ismailis got as our post Almaut dark period.

I had been a blind lover of my faith and Imam of the time and after reading it, though all the blindness did not get cleared but I do feel that I belong to a History and have an identity.

A page from my diary dated 21, April 2012

A Page From My Diary

In life we face situation which are not in our control but it is always in our hand how we react to them and how we give meaning to them. To the surprising the only thing that matters is our response and not the situation itself.

But is it always necessary for the situation to occur and rect? Not necessary at all. We can think of other ways to avoid any bad situation or at least look for the dimensions which may go in our favor.

These are the two behavior of people for any situation.The first one is reactive and the later is Proactive behavior.

Reactive people always look for the ways to put the responsibilities on others and usually say ‘ I can’t do any thing about it’, ‘it was suppose to happen’, If I had …..I would had done…….’ They look for reasoner  of why they are incapable of doing it.

on the other hand  the proactive people say ‘ I will prefer’, ;I will be…’, ‘I would chose to …’, ‘It happened that way but i would not repeat it next time’. These kind of people take the responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes.

The difference of behavior in these two kind of people lies in their focus of energy. Reactive people put their energy on their circle of concern. and proactive people put it on their circle of influence.

Proactive people behavior is driven by values and principles unlike the reactive people who are driven by conditioning or conditions.

The proactive behavior is for change ‘inside-out’. These people blend their perception as per situations rather than blaming the uncontrollable factors outside. They take their weather of mood within themselves and irrespective of if it is raining or burning hot, they keep a healthy smile on their faces.


This was my review after I read the part of book Seven habits of highly effective people.



Inspirations and realities

I had been wondering sometimes back in past from whom I am inspired by? It kept changing with my study. Sometimes the remarkable work and insight of scientists inspired me,  sometimes the motivational speaker’s magical words attracted me.  When I went for search of my own being the saints and sufis likeRumni and others inspired me.

I need to study them and get myself reminded? I was for long time living in a kind of virtual life. I had books, internet, GBs of movies and song storage. I enjoyed them all.

But life is not all that. I realized this in short time of my professional life when I needed to travel by local transport early in the morning. I had to deal with the diverse people with whom I come in contact. I had learned very ideal rules and principles of civic life in that isolated virtual life. I had watched many series and movies where life was as you wished it to be. But in our society it is not like that. You have to adjust yourself as per the action and reaction of people around. People here don’t have civic sense.

One day I observed on the way to office that there it has written on a sign board on the road ‘don’t cross the fence  and the overfly  bridge is at few steps away’ but still one man tries to over cross feet high fence and gets stuck in that.When there is capacity of maximum fourteen people ( which one engineer has set while designing the vehicle!!) in a van, the conductor forces people to squeeze and pack in as many as people (sometimes 20+ ). What can one do at that time. get out and take an auto? They ask for triple times price saying ‘No Gass today’.

In the middle of all this there are people who keep fighting for their goals (even complaining!).

To add to all this there comes the time where you are supposed to fulfill your responsibilities as a member of family, as a friend. Life is hard  and only those survive who bear all these shits and i am doing my part .

Malala Day-10th Nove-2012

“Malala, Malala, Malala”, since last month I can’t stop thinking about Malala.

Malala is a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Pakistan that was shot in the head by Taliban on October 9 for speaking up for girls right to education. But why the Taliban directly attacked a girl from a picturesque valley called SWAT. Malala a girl with vision that started her career at the early age of 11 is now in the headlines of the world’s news while her life and her dreams are in danger.

We have to understand Malala’s life to realize why she got to be the most wanted prey for the Taliban. Since years she has been known for her bright mind and her work as youth, education and women’s right activist. Recently the Taliban has banned girl’s attendance to school and Malala decided to stand up because as thousands of girls that were affected she wanted to go to school. Consequently, the Taliban called her work an obscenity and saw her as a symbol of the western culture, as she represented the aim of girls in the world that want to have an education and opportunities to accomplish their dreams in life. That’s why the Taliban wanted to give her and the world a lesson, because they think girls don’t deserve to be educated as they threaten their regime.

In addition, she is known for being a girl with vision that has been able to achieve an enormous impact not just in her country but also around the world. Since she was 11 she knew even more than adults in her community that her voice mattered and decided to speak and to represent the courage that her generation needed. Without fear and by believing in herself she started her career, which is highlighted by her participation as an anonymous blogger for the BBC where she used the byline name “Gul Makai”. In this blog she posted about her daily life challenges under the Taliban. One day she wrote that she had a dream that was very close to what happened on October 9 when she was on her way to school. Malala’s activism has helped her on having the opportunity to represent her movement in institutions like Unicef and has been recognized by prices like the International Children’s Peace Price and the National Youth Prize. Malala’s friends have been sharing that she wants now to be a politician but unfortunately now her career is being threatened and with her career the dreams of millions of girls around the world.

The UN has called November 10 as the day of Malala and the other 32 million girls that can’t go to school, as this is a relevant topic for the accomplishment of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals. On this day we all can be Malala, saying “I am Malala” will mean that you care about Malala and girls education around the world. Our involvement in this movement will first help girls in Pakistan to go back to school. But let’s go a little further, this day will be important for every girl that is living or that will be living in this planet. It’s our duty to be part of it.

For the first time in history there is a fight for girls going on; end of child marriage, education, opportunities and health for girls are topics that are being discussed in every corner of the world. Now that Malala is in the eyes of the world and it is the chance for us to stand up. This is the time when we should start speaking, tweeting and posting about Malala. It is the time to share her story and to contribute to her fight. Malala from a hospital in the UK is waiting for all of us to act.

The opportunity to ensure girls education around the world is here. Malala is a hero and a great example for all of us. We have to make sure that she goes back to school and that she continues the journey of getting closer to her dreams, a world where girls and boys have the same rights.

We need to care about what’s going on in the world to make it a better place to live. We are all here, together. Malala Yousafzai was 11 when she started. When are we going to start? Malala’s key was that she had a strong cause, a big dream and a high belief that she can win the fight.

Malala is changing the world. How are we going to change it?

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C Programming————Installing Visual Studio

Programming is fun.

Programming in C is even more fun.

These were the output of my first code in visual studio. I love coding but haven’t been able to continue it becuase of my problems.But now I am back and hope I could continue for long this time.

I will share every bit I will learn during this long journey. As part of that I will tell you what problems I faced while downloading the tool. One of the many problem I have been facing in past is not been able to make the plateform ready.

After downloading visual studio from torrentz(pardon if that comes under piracy but I have to 😦 ) I tried to install it but to my surprise it took too long and after waiting for many hours I cancelled the installation twice. then some days later i tried again but this time I got some error message of something related to comparability. I wondered what may be the problem. i googled it and I was releived to see that I was not the first to face this and so I got the solution. I was pretty simple. If you ever faced the same follow these steps.

Setup property

1. Right click on the setup.exe file

2. Go to property

3. Switch to compatability tab.

4. Uncheck ” Run this program in comparability mood for:”

5. If it is disabled then at the bottom of the same tab click “change settings for all users” and then do step 4.

6. Close the property window and run the setup

It should work fine now as my problem was resolved.

Have patience and wait for the program to install. It will take too long as it downloads the setup during the installation.

Once you are done then we are on the same page and will proceed further.

The Strength of Joy

Khalil Gibran says that for 20 centuries men have adored the weakness of Jesus, and do not fully understand his power. Jesus did not live as a coward, and he died without complaining and suffering. He lived as a revolutionary, and was crucified as a rebel.

He was not a bird with open wings, but a violent storm that parted wings. He was not a victim of his persecutors, and he didn’t suffer at their hands, but he was free before all of them.

Jesus did not come to earth to destroy our homes, and, in turn, build monasteries with his stones; he came to breathe a new soul into us, to build a temple in every heart, a soul in every altar and a priest in every human being.

Looking carefully at his life, we see that, although he knew that his passion was inevitable, he tried to give us a sense of joy in every one of his gestures. He must have thought long and hard before deciding upon which miracle was to be his first; he must have considered the healing of a paralysed man, the resurrection of the dead, the expulsion of a demon, “a noble gesture”. After all, it would be the first time he would show the world that he was the son of God.

And it is written that his first miracle was turning water into wine to liven up a wedding party. The wisdom of this gesture should inspire us and always be present in our souls; the spiritual quest is compassion, enthusiasm and joy.

Tibetan monk Chogyam Trunpga says, “We do not need to have a mystical experience to discover that the world is good. We should just realise that there are simple things around us, see the raindrops trickling down the window, waking in the morning and finding that the sun still shines, hear someone laughing.”

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Memories of my childhood

My Mom,Tai ammi and My Sis

My Mom,Tai ammi and My Sis

I am in real trouble not to figure out why I am sleeping with my head the wrong way. I  couldn’t figure out it and in this confusion I woke up and I am so happy to see it was in my unconscious that i was facing the problem and I have been sleeping the right way. 🙂

It is morning and mom is making tea for dad which they call ‘Hazrio Chai’, The Attendance Tea. The quality of this tea was very good. I rarely could get up and had the chance to take this tea.

But today I was suppose to getup early as I had promised mom that in the morning I would take the animals to the grazing pasture. I could not see mom going for it and then coming back and make breakfast for us before we go to school.

I got up and took the animals there. Everyone was taking his/her cows to the pasture. I vividly recall I use to stare the girls on the way but I could never mange to talk to any girl which persisted with me for so long even now.

When I came back mom had made the breakfast for us. My dad was teacher at the same government school where we were studying. Usually in our area people make the cake sort thing which we call ‘brat’ in the evening and use it with tea at breakfast but my dad never allowed that as he likes fresh cooked bread for breakfast.

Rahim bhai had already got up and my sisters were also getting ready for school after helping mom in house hold work. I too did my breakfast and got ready for school. It was most probably half past seven by then.

We left for school and at our usual point we found our two best school time friends Sahib Jan and Rehmat Khan. What A lovely time that was. I will always cherish those beautiful moment of my early school life. On the way our late friend Mirza Hassan would also join us. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.

At school we spend the whole day with all sort of fun and then came home. I wounder how mom never miss to prepare the lunch before we reach home. She doesn’t know to read clock but throughout the eight years of my school life she never delayed the lunch even once. Whenever we entered home we found her making bread and we use to have the lunch. Either we use to had potato or green vegetable for lunch. Potato is not considered a vegetable in my village even now!!

After lunch we went to religious school. I remember the lovely time spend there. We use to make so much noise. Now seeing the troubles here in cities and hearing the people debates on how the education system should be I feel so blessed and proud that at so early time, even before that, we have such the quality system of education both worldly and religious with the blessings of our beloved Mawla.

After religious school the kids use to go for some  folk sport. Here I find the sacrifice I (and my brother) had made at our early age for our education. Dad wouldn’t let us go for sports and use to do home tuition. Sometimes we even hate studying so much but I now know what my dad was doing it for.

At evening we would go for Jamath Khana, offer dua and come back home. Mom had made dinner.After dinner we studied for at least two or three hours. The day ended happily and we slept.

My Dad, My teacher

My Dad, My teacher

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