Technical Bid Evaluation

Technical bid evaluation is an important part of an EPC project and it is one of the crucial part for the success of the project as well as this is the bridging point among the two kind of contradicting team; the designer and the procurement.

It is a three party work, the client, the contractor and the vendor.Here are some important points to keep in mind.

The RFQ (request for requisition) is an important initial part during which the wide spread standards and project specifications are gathered in one document and provided to the bidders. It should be accurate and concise as well for better and fast future working both for the vendor and the contractor designing team.

Once the quotes are received they are evaluate against this RFQ and the provided supporting documents like data sheet etc. The important point to keep in mind during the Bid Evaluation is that there should never be a compromise on any single point as a small change will alter other parts of the project greatly. If at any stage it is required like no vendor providing any particular material then it should be raised as a technical change query and properly communicated to all other designing teams of the project to accommodate its front and back impacts.

(to be continued)


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