Happy Eid Holidays


This is again the Eid, Festivals give life to the lives of society and give them chance to express their care and love for others,

Although I feel bad for the poor animals which are sacrificed on this day. It is so unlucky that we had followed all those customs of Islam which give comfort to us and have given up all those which require us to step out of our comfort and make some hardships.

For example when the prophet Ibrahim was going with his son to sacrifice at the will of God, on the way some ill intentioned forces tried to deviate him of his commitment but he didn’t and now if we see in todays world we all Muslim never keep up our commitment be it as member of society or be it as an individual. We keep diverting at what attracts us on the way when we are striving for our commitments.

I do not say killing those poor animals is illegal or bad, i may not know the essence of it as I am not any scholar but I do know that it is not the only way to show our recognition of the noble act of one of our great Prophet.

Any how we do deserve a warm happy Eid holidays and I extend my good wishes to you all. May we all have the courage to do a self judgement of ourselves and be a responsible human and a responsible citizen.


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