Eid Mela

Tonight there was Eid mela in lahore Jamath khana. I had good time just like anyone else and enjoyed it after having a boring day sitting in my room all day.

The mela started after JK karwai (it had resumed in fact) and when I entered in the lawn I was amazed by the excellent arrangement and stalls by volunteers and jamati members.

There were food stalls which were offering foods from all parts of Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan. There were some interesting play and win games also. The throw the ring around and get that stuff had attracted people quite well and hit the cane and have a drink cane also attracted many coke fans.The quality and variety of food and these game was so good that when the music started, even it didn’t lesson the attraction of Jamat specially  the kids.

Music is always a good presentation of any culture and here too music from many culture was played and kids got chance to dance and show their abilities. But the most attractive part was the kids singing competition.I was thinking how much the confidence of those kids be boosted when the go on at the stage and sing because I know it is hard as I have never either sung or danced in my life.

The next part of the mela was lucky draw. Some jamati members went home with feeling of being lucky as they won something valuable. One of them was a hardly 1-2 years old kid who won the only mobile phon in the draw and I wounder how lucky he  must be to win  out of so many elders who I guess must be praying.

The last part of mela was certificates distribution to appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who had put in so much energy and time to arrange such a nice family event.

During all this program the discipline maintained by the Jamat was excellent.I think these kinds of programs are very important as they give life to the festivals like Eid which are otherwise are being celebrated just to complete the formality.We have almost five to six religious festivals other than the national fastivals so if such programs are arranged in every festival then the jamat will have good healty activity.
My one last observation was the participation of old age citizens and the special arrangements for them by the volunteers.I really appreciate this good thinking of the leaders and management team.May Mawla bless we all.

Me@the Eid Mela


Technical Bid Evaluation

Technical bid evaluation is an important part of an EPC project and it is one of the crucial part for the success of the project as well as this is the bridging point among the two kind of contradicting team; the designer and the procurement.

It is a three party work, the client, the contractor and the vendor.Here are some important points to keep in mind.

The RFQ (request for requisition) is an important initial part during which the wide spread standards and project specifications are gathered in one document and provided to the bidders. It should be accurate and concise as well for better and fast future working both for the vendor and the contractor designing team.

Once the quotes are received they are evaluate against this RFQ and the provided supporting documents like data sheet etc. The important point to keep in mind during the Bid Evaluation is that there should never be a compromise on any single point as a small change will alter other parts of the project greatly. If at any stage it is required like no vendor providing any particular material then it should be raised as a technical change query and properly communicated to all other designing teams of the project to accommodate its front and back impacts.

(to be continued)

Happy Eid Holidays


This is again the Eid, Festivals give life to the lives of society and give them chance to express their care and love for others,

Although I feel bad for the poor animals which are sacrificed on this day. It is so unlucky that we had followed all those customs of Islam which give comfort to us and have given up all those which require us to step out of our comfort and make some hardships.

For example when the prophet Ibrahim was going with his son to sacrifice at the will of God, on the way some ill intentioned forces tried to deviate him of his commitment but he didn’t and now if we see in todays world we all Muslim never keep up our commitment be it as member of society or be it as an individual. We keep diverting at what attracts us on the way when we are striving for our commitments.

I do not say killing those poor animals is illegal or bad, i may not know the essence of it as I am not any scholar but I do know that it is not the only way to show our recognition of the noble act of one of our great Prophet.

Any how we do deserve a warm happy Eid holidays and I extend my good wishes to you all. May we all have the courage to do a self judgement of ourselves and be a responsible human and a responsible citizen.