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It has been long time since I posted my last blog post. Many changes have occurred since then. My designation has changed from student to professional. My professional life has started off as design engineer in Descon Integrated Project Limited, Lahore Pakistan.

Year 2011 was a wonderful year for me. I gave up some habits in me for which I was trying long time. Though I didnt adobted any new as such but I did renew many of my good old interests and life has become so well oriented after resuming them.

One of these is reading! How I developed this again? It is said that every disaster comes with disguised opportunities. I some how couldn’t managed to get a system (though that was not a disaster!!) and so I mostly couldn’t come online and with each day passing I realized that I have quite spare time and out of no intention I started reading books and with time I enjoyed it.

So for I have read two control and Instrumentation books which I think no need to go into details. The non-technical books which I read were “Eleven minutes” by Paulo Coelho. It is a good book to read. Then I read three history books. One was “Khilafat wa Malkoyeait” by Modhodhi. It is a really good book and very easy to read as opposed to general history books which I pick up and then leave and never pick again. The other books are “The Golden Period of Immmat in Syria” I havn’t completed it yet but I am enjoying every word of it and making a visit to our glorious past.

The other books which one of my senior asked to buy (not for my good but for his own good appraisal !!!) is ” The Eagle Nest” I had searched for this book long ago and I am looking forward to read it very soon so my many thanks go for him too. Thanks man.

The most recent book I read is “Aleph” once again by Paulo Coelho. What a wonderful book. I would strongly recommend this for all those who love to read P Coelho. This is totally different from Eleven minute and so  go for it if you were disappointed by it which I though liked too!!


Lets hope for the best from year 2012


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