Theory of Everything-part 1

This will be one of many articles I will be writing on the ‘Theory of Everything’. In this part I will only give just an introduction and some gimps of Quantum Physics

Man has been wondering for explanation and reasons for his observation since the first day. With history many theories were given like Aristotle four element, Earth being the center of universe and then sun for the universe. Some of them hold up there acceptance for short time and some for centuries.

The new of these theories was given by Newton which is called Newtonian model of the universe. According to this model the universe is governed by natural laws like those of the three famous laws of motion.

One of the feature of this theory was that every moving object follows a definite path, say from A to B. Once we know the starting point and the path to be followed we can predict the destination of the moving object either based on some laws or past experience.

This theory best describes the macro-level objects but it failed for the explanation at atomic level. With the double slit experiment observation a look for new model was inevitable. This theory was formulated by Richard Feynman with his  double slit experiment which is the base for Quantum Physics.

Here I will give some of the mysteries of this theory and the mysteries of Quantum Physics in general and in some later post I will go in the details of all of them.

According to Quantum theory when you leave your office the  chair on which you were just sitting a moment ago, may disappear and will reappear as soon as you come back. This is to say for the existence of any object the observation is necessary.

When you kick a ball it will not follow just one path rather I will go through an indefinite no of paths before hitting the final destination.In those fraction of seconds it might go to the far the building roof just outside the field, to the neighbor city or may go to the far star or galaxy.

The path taken by the object in going from point A to point B is the vectorial sum of all those paths. And in terms of probability the probability that the object will reach point B is the fraction of sum of  probabilities of all indefinite paths.

There is no one single ‘past’ or ‘history’ of any object. There are indefinite no of possible pasts but once we observe an object then that is taken as the past of that object and similarly there are indefinite futures for any object.

These are some of the mysteries of Quantum Physics and there are many others. I will go in details in later posts.


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It has been long time since I posted my last blog post. Many changes have occurred since then. My designation has changed from student to professional. My professional life has started off as design engineer in Descon Integrated Project Limited, Lahore Pakistan.

Year 2011 was a wonderful year for me. I gave up some habits in me for which I was trying long time. Though I didnt adobted any new as such but I did renew many of my good old interests and life has become so well oriented after resuming them.

One of these is reading! How I developed this again? It is said that every disaster comes with disguised opportunities. I some how couldn’t managed to get a system (though that was not a disaster!!) and so I mostly couldn’t come online and with each day passing I realized that I have quite spare time and out of no intention I started reading books and with time I enjoyed it.

So for I have read two control and Instrumentation books which I think no need to go into details. The non-technical books which I read were “Eleven minutes” by Paulo Coelho. It is a good book to read. Then I read three history books. One was “Khilafat wa Malkoyeait” by Modhodhi. It is a really good book and very easy to read as opposed to general history books which I pick up and then leave and never pick again. The other books are “The Golden Period of Immmat in Syria” I havn’t completed it yet but I am enjoying every word of it and making a visit to our glorious past.

The other books which one of my senior asked to buy (not for my good but for his own good appraisal !!!) is ” The Eagle Nest” I had searched for this book long ago and I am looking forward to read it very soon so my many thanks go for him too. Thanks man.

The most recent book I read is “Aleph” once again by Paulo Coelho. What a wonderful book. I would strongly recommend this for all those who love to read P Coelho. This is totally different from Eleven minute and so  go for it if you were disappointed by it which I though liked too!!


Lets hope for the best from year 2012