Just My Feelings

The day has begin yet again.
It is once again a chance to make new determinations.
It is the time to be thankful to God for making this day possible,
though I was not sure whether I will be the part of the next day or not.
So I got the chance once again
I have to make this day count.
How many days have i passed on which I can’t count for
but still there are a few which have made possible for me to look ahead with hope and courage.
I do make mistakes and I do fail
but i never give up, though i do get dishearten when people don’t hear me.
why I want people to hear me.
because I am a human being and I am a social animal
I want to be listen; to know I have some impact, to feel my being.
Its my life though still I want to share it with others
I want others know what I know as i have learned it from others.

Life is what we think and what we do.
It is not just a flow like a river which has a predetermined route.
When we follow the flow we are not noticed,
To make some difference and to make a day count we have to do something unusual and something risky.
Life becomes beautiful when it has different colors of pain and pleasure,
just like a garden with many flowers with different colors.
No matter how beautiful it is but a garden with only rose never looks beautiful.
Diversity makes everything beautiful and strong.
This was all what I was think today and I shared it with you for no reason.


About Karim Shah's Blog Life is what we expect from it

An energetic and optimistic person who always looks at life with hope and courage. Strongly believe in everything happens for a reason and for good. Life is what you dream of it. Every situation is what you give meaning to it. There is nothing as such existing except what we give meaning to it.
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