Just My Feelings

The day has begin yet again.
It is once again a chance to make new determinations.
It is the time to be thankful to God for making this day possible,
though I was not sure whether I will be the part of the next day or not.
So I got the chance once again
I have to make this day count.
How many days have i passed on which I can’t count for
but still there are a few which have made possible for me to look ahead with hope and courage.
I do make mistakes and I do fail
but i never give up, though i do get dishearten when people don’t hear me.
why I want people to hear me.
because I am a human being and I am a social animal
I want to be listen; to know I have some impact, to feel my being.
Its my life though still I want to share it with others
I want others know what I know as i have learned it from others.

Life is what we think and what we do.
It is not just a flow like a river which has a predetermined route.
When we follow the flow we are not noticed,
To make some difference and to make a day count we have to do something unusual and something risky.
Life becomes beautiful when it has different colors of pain and pleasure,
just like a garden with many flowers with different colors.
No matter how beautiful it is but a garden with only rose never looks beautiful.
Diversity makes everything beautiful and strong.
This was all what I was think today and I shared it with you for no reason.


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