Life and Hope

Over the couple of days I have been trying to find out what I should write about and then i remembered that I had made the promise to myself of writing whatever come to my mind so here I am gonna put what comes to my mind in a random way.
It is said that luck knocks at everyone’s door and it showers opportunities to those who respond. I got the knock not once but many times over the couple of months and i responded to it in the best possible way. I put good hopes to them but each time I got disappointment.
But I do remember that Edison had said I have discovered a thousand ways which don’t work for me and many other such beautiful saying and memories i remember and get courage to get up and fight again. Life is a process which gives us many difficulties in disguise. If one stands for them and gets through then he is sure to get the reward. This is what I believe and fight for my dreams.
I do face many challenges specially in the last couple of months since I have graduated and searching for a job. I was not expecting it to be delayed this much. Now with each passing day it becomes harder and there seems no solution in the near future.
There are two ways for me to respond. One is to freak out and the other is to be hopeful and so for I have chosen the later one and will do it in future.
I havn’t been able to figure out what goes wrong and I am rejected each time and this causes me disturbances because one has to get to know his/her weakness and mistakes after failure but I am unable to do it.
Lets hope this will have some thing good with it too.


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