When you Want something Deeply, Google will conspire to Get it for You

Reading the biography of great scientists has been my long time curiosity and passion and I was looking for a good book but I never got one. For the last few days I was trying it on the net and I did get a good site like Suite101 and Lucifer. Thanks to google that it at last helped me to get to these sites and beleive me when you want something from your heart then it will pop up the result. So just keep refining your search and look for it and I am sure you will get what you want.
Unlike other nights this was different as I didn’t spend more time on Facebook. I read many articles which I enjoyed. The most fascinating thing was the articles about Dr Javan Ali? Have you heard about him? I supposed not. OK let me ask one more question. Have you used LASER in your life so for? If not then you are living in some stone age era. It is used almost in every daily life ranging from medical treatment, military, law enforcement, research , industry and telecommunication. Now it may be surprising to you that Dr Ali Javan currently a professor at MIT Physics department and ith William R. Bennett are the the co-inventor of LASER which has changed the way of our life.
Dr Ali Javan is the living great scientist of the era from Muslim world. I will write my own review of Dr Javan in future pots when i will do the complete case study of his life and work.
So the night was over and I went to the market and made a good tea and did breakfast with hot tea and ‘paratha’ which is my usual in breakfast when I do.


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