2011 is About to Start!!!

Well one more year of our life ending tomorrow but on the other had one new year is starting and that’s the beauty of duality in nature. What you have planned for the new year? I am gonna share how I am planning to welcome my new dawn of the year 2011.
As you may have read my article about new year planning. so I am taking some practical steps for my new year planning.
Today after dinner I pick up the paper and pen and started the draft of it. I did the brainstorming. Some of the sections I would like to share here with you. These are the important sections of my new year resolution
1.Profession Goals
2.Passion Goals
3.Contribution Goals
4.Self Improvement Goals
5.Adventure and Innovation Goals
6.Renewing Childhood Beauties
7.Making good new habits and giving up old dis-empowering ones

It was a very helpful activity and I will finalize it by tomorrow evening and the chart and paper notes of my goals will hang on everywhere with the dawn of new year. I will start the day with achieving my first goal on the list and that is to go early to bed and get up early in the morning. Recently I have developed a bad habit of staying late till the morning and then sleeping all the day. That makes life very boring and so I included it as one of my goal to give up this bad habit.
For me this is all how I celebrate the day. I don’t go in nay party or club as I don’t have any such facility but I like it.
I would suggest you all that whatever you all do but make sure that you have your year resolution ready as the first thing on the day of new year.
Why I am emphasizing on having a new year plan? Have you ever thought why the government and large organization make budget once in a year? Why don’t they keep all the money in a bank and spend as needed?Obviously then there are chances that they will end up doing some thing remarkably good in the first quarter and then the whole nation will starve to death and will not be able to enjoy what they achieved in that short period or if they are too careful and avoiding risks then they may end up doing nothing and having the whole budget intact. The making of new plan systematizes the whole process and it is perfectly true for an individual as well.
There are two options for you; either to start off your year not knowing what you have to do tomorrow or you should plan how your year will end up. Isn’t it good to know the future earlier? Once you make the plan and act upon it then that is how you make your own destiny.
so still there is time to make it and make your year a promising one. I wish you all the best and Happy new year in advance.


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