Random Thoughts

Well, I was waiting to come up with some good posts for my blog after having a long thinking and the result was one post in a week but then i thought why shouldn’t I be spontaneous. So here I am,writing this post directly in my blog editor without a draft. What ever comes to my mind I am gonna put it down and I am not gonna care who will read it and what they will perceive of it. It is my world and I have absolute freedom to express myself here.
Secondly being a science guy I always tried to come up with some scientific ‘touch’ post and that also led me in reduced number of my blog post. Again that was a bad restriction I had put on myself. I love being passionate of science and technology but from now on I will not let it to be a hurdle in the way to express myself and I


suggest you too that don’t make your passion and love a restriction for yourself. Use them in the best possible way.Enjoy each moment of your life.
Does that mean I am happy always? No not at all. I do commit mistakes and regret for them. Last night I did waste my time in a worse way and when I woke up in the morning (well it was actually 11am, not exactly morning) I was regretting and to ease it some how I put a facebook status of ‘How can the day end good when it starts off with a regret’. But I was wrong. The day did go well and I did some good work and the day is not over yet.
so the second thing to remember is that the future is never dependent on the past. Each moment is exclusive and if one want to be happy then it doesn’t matter how the near or far past was.
Wow!! isn’t that a good post. Ya i hope it is but I don’t want or expect any one to read it or like it because I write for myself and I like it. Thats my only concern but if you read it and it helped you one way or the other then it will be a bonus of happiness for me. Cheers


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