Control Your thinking and get your actions controlled

I have been trying to be an imaginative person but its not that easy. I read many books like Awaken the Giant within You, unlimited power, Alchemy, A walk to remember and by now I have only learned the art of controlling my thinking.
There was a time when I use to regret after doing some blunders and then i Was thinking why i did that and what a stupid I am to do such nonsenses.
But now I am glad that I have got the control of my thinking and so my actions and I no more make those blunders and so no more regrets.
But does that mean my past will have no effect on my present and future. It will have but One have to associate severe pain to the bad habits so as to avoid them for the future. and replace them with new empowering thoughts. If the bad and dis-empowering thoughts are not replaced then it is sure that the mind will roll back to those old patterns as they have pleasures associated with them.
Avoiding to adopt new habits is as important as giving u old ones. I am lucky enough that i have been very successful in this area too. Due to the stress of joblessness I thought many a times of taking smoking as a temporary solution but I never allowed this thinking to dominate me and the only reason for that was proper using of the technique given in the book Awaken the Giant Withing You.
So today I am glad that I am writing this article after fulfilling my commitment to myself and its the first time that I kept the promise made to myself.


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