Save All Your Bookmarks

Over the years I was facing the problem of loosing the bookmarks which i had made,when the Operating system(OS) was getting corrupt. I figured out many ways to save my bookmarks.Some of which are listed below
1. I saved the browser (be it any) folder to driver other than the one with OS but this was not a good solution specially when the OS was lost because of virus attack. In that case saving such files means spreading the virus attack to newly installed system. By the way this browser folder is always hidden and located in the folder
C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data…..
2. the second way was to save a an HTML file or making some backup file. To do this follow these
2a. go to bookmark from the top bar
2b. Go to organize bookmark
2c. export HTML file or
2d. Make Backup

This will save a a file of your bookmarks.
But i was even not satisfied with this since it is one time and I need to save a file or make a backup each time i added a new bookmark and imagine if you are adding every next site as bookmark then you will end up only saving a bookmark backup file.

Then today i googled how can I synchronize the bookmarks with my emails and there I found the so for best way. Its basically a yahoo service which saves all your old and new bookmarks automatically and you can access it from anywhere. To do this follow these steps
1.go to the site delicious and sign up.Its free
2. Make a profile
3.Install the adds on for Firefox (I have no idea if it can be used with other browsers) and the name of the add on is “Delicious Bookmarks”
4. To add you all old bookmarks go to setting and import and in a moment it will import all your bookmarks.

It saves your bookmarks with your yahoo mail id. So for this seems to me the best solution and if you are not using yahoo then Google ‘save bookmarks to gmail’ and you will find some good ways for that too but for me Delicious is best and I will stick to it. Let me know if you have some good idea other than this to save bookmarks.


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