Will the new facebook group application effect blogging??

Facebook has recently launched the new group application. It has many cool features like photo, videos,links and post sharing and which are the common features of facebook.
The features which distinguish it are the instant comment posting, the group chat and documents.
The instant comment posting is a very cool feature and we would love if it is applied to all wall commenting too. These are all the entertaining parts of this application but the actual potential lies in the document.
This is very useful for both the group and for individuals. I started many groups from the very first day. Some of them are very large and active groups and then the other day I started a group and kept it private to myself and I keep writing my daily routines and whatever came to my mind as a document in that group.
With time I realized that this feature has got all those potentials which we have in blogging like embedding photos and videos in the documents. The level of user friendliness is much higher in the group than in blog. For example it took me almost two to three weeks to be familiar with all the features in word press and i got to know all the good features in the facebook group from the very first day.
So now I am wondering whether this new feature of facebook will have some negative impact on blogging. I think it will have because
1.Facebook is the fast growing and the largest social network and people do share their blog contents in their facebook walls.Now if all the blogging features are provided there then why would one go for the blogs like worpress.
2.The facebook group is very easy and user friendly to create and use.
3.Besides that it has also got some other cool features like instant commenting and group chat
4.If someone needs his/her contents to be public then he doesn’t need to wait for others to come and visit like in blog. Now the control is on the authors hand, the more he has facebook friends the more he can add members to his/her group(this doesn’t need even their approval!!) and so the contents get publicized. This is a complete reverse engineering thought.isn’t it?
So I am thinking that this new feature will have some negative impact on blogging world.Lets wait and see with time.

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