It doesn’t makes any difference when you come first to the world but your ending should be a loss!!

well my formal educational life is over. I called it formal because getting educated is never a destiny for me it is rather a journey, a journey which will end with my life.
so the formal educational period is over. I clearly remember the very first day i got admission in FG Boys High School Gulaghmuli in April 1993. At that time it was (and still) a tradition to bring some good lunch for all the teachers while coming to the school on the very first day. since my father was also a teacher at that school so he took us along with him on the morning and asked my elder bro to bring the lunch to the school. (me and my younger brother Rahim shah got admission together). we spend nine long years at my beloved school till class 8th. I have many vivid memories of this beautiful life.
one day me, Rahim bro, Sherdullah and Afsar Wali(these three are my best buddies of that school life) were reading science book and it was some thing related to a scientific experiment. Then Sherdullah jan asked that how can a person becomes scientist and we all gave our innocent and intelligent!! ideas but none of us agreed to any other and finally we agreed that scientist can only be in ‘outside world’ (we specifically used bahar which means out!!) and so no one from our are or school can be a scientist……….at some other day we went into a debate on how a computer works (by the way at that time there was no electricity in our village so there were no computer, Tv or any other electric appliances)….by reading the essays and articles in urdu or science book we had the idea that computer uses some language which human can’t understand!!!
then that life ended and i got into GIK Institute after doing my high school and college education from AKHSS, Gilgit and GCU Lahore respectively and in a few days i will be an engineer!!! and i think by the very basic definition i will be a scientist too!! wow…i disapproved my very first child belief for good.
today i am fully aware with not only with basics of computer but also all the engineering tools and techniques related to my field and luckily one of them is now part of my hobby….the MATLAB.. and yes the i have my virtual world like facebook and twitter…i love to use them!!
as i said at the beginning that my journey has never ended so it just the end of one chapter and many more have yet to be written and shared and I hope that they will be worth reading and listening.
on the last class of my graduation sir Junaid Mughal had some good advises and suggestion for our new life out side GIK Institute…..each and every word of him were worth listening and he said “It doesn’t makes any difference when you come first to the world but your ending should be a loss!!”. I think i don’t need to say any thing after that. now its my responsibility to uphold the expectations of my teachers, my parents and my own desire and that is nothing other than striving always for the knowledge. May God give me the courage.