Life is always beautiful

It is the fall of year 1999. i was sitting on the big stone in the field. crops were almost ready to be harvested. i had the science book in the hand and in was memorizing the chemical formulas of the elements and compounds. i was preparing for the admission in AKHSS and i use to dream about my new life and even sometimes i forgot to praise my present life. any those days went on i came to AKHSS and it seemed to me that all dreams of my life came true and there is nothing more to wish for but i had no idea that this chain never gonna end.
this new life was beautiful as i had dreamed, all new friends, new and fascinating environment. but yet it was full of challenges. there came a day when i started about leaving the school and going back to village as the medium of instruction was English and it was hard for me to keep a pace with others but the pressure of my family never let me act on my that stupid thought.
time went on and by the end i graduated from my high school with distinction and then i moved to Lahore, GCU. it was even more beautiful, fascinating and yet full of challenges. but time never seized and my dreams never stopped.
now it is the end of my four year of graduation at GIKI. when i look back i find myself the most lucky person. now my dream is to get a good job and i hope my family and friends prayers are with me and i will get the dream job of my life and pay back for those who have helped me to reach to this stage and also i will try my best to help those who deserve to have all this and need any sort of help.


2 thoughts on “Life is always beautiful

  1. Great job boy,i feel proud of you.Your life story has that charming effect which makes it a good motivational source for anybody.Never ever give up at any stage, at any cost ,and i am sure you will get to your destination soon.Best of luck 😀


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