Notes from the Past

some observation made during last hectic week of the semester and some suggestion to myself to remember during next semester and in general for future.
1. at least read each chapter of the course once before the date sheet comes.
2. Quizzes matter a lot don’t take them lightly. I was 5 marks below average in both mids of instru and waves and 12 and 3 marks respectively, above average in pre-finals only because of quizzes.
3. no matter how difficult is the subject, read it once very slowly and with cool mind. chapter 7 of DSP was seem to be v. difficult but when i read it yesterday(just four days remaining for finals) then i knew that it was interesting as well as easy to understand
4. If i am happy and satisfied I can understand any thing no matter how new and difficult it is……….and to be happy never indulge myself in any meaningless activity i.e. a,b,c
5. Be positive always and never think that things are going wrong………if I am honest and doing myr job properly then Maula will surely give me more than what I am expecting and even good surprises!!
6. I did the DSP project myself and by the end it gave me great happiness…………so do every thing not worrying about the outcome. it will be good and give you happiness by the end…..
7. and now get back to work………..


About Karim Shah's Blog Life is what we expect from it

An energetic and optimistic person who always looks at life with hope and courage. Strongly believe in everything happens for a reason and for good. Life is what you dream of it. Every situation is what you give meaning to it. There is nothing as such existing except what we give meaning to it.
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