New Year and Last Semester!!

At last it is gonna end. yes thats right, last semester will start from monday,18 2010.  I will start the new semester with  new zeal and commitment as though it is the last but yet important semester.

This semester is important because i have to work on and complete the final year project and secondly after completion of this semester I will be completely on my proper career as a control and instrumentention engineer. Till now I was not able to decide weather I should go for communication or control site but with the time i got it decided  to choos control and systems as  my career. it is because of the following reasons.

1. I have good interest in Controls and systems

2. Future market for control is better than communication at least for the present time.

3.  I have good grip on the basics of controls as from the very beginning I am good and very much interested in maths which is the backbone of controls.

4. Dr. Nisar is my favorite teacher as well so thats also a good coincidence

5. I am very passionate to be a competent control engineer.

so those were some of the resons for me to choose controls and systems as the field of my study.

I have observed and noted many mistakes of last semesters and now I will start the semester with complete commitment not to repeat those mistakes and negligence. besides those I am making the following commitments to myself:

1. I will do regular and smart study from the very beginning of the semester and continue it till the last day

2. I will give full priority to my study

3. I will also enjoy my life to have a good balance

4. I will never never repeat those foolish 3 things which I use to do during the last semesters and which did big harm to me in all respect.

ok lets look forward to start the semester. Hope this will be again one of the memorable semesters at GIKI, Inshah Allah

Ya Maula give me the courage to fulfill my commitments and be consistent till the end and also give me the courage to face big challenges and learn more with dignity. ameen


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