Ehlan wa sehlan marhabah

Birthdays are very special occasion because one being comes into existence and it is important for anyone and his dear and beloveds.
That one being which comes to this material world may act upon the old saying and belief of “make a difference” and if he/she does so then the life becomes worthy not only for him/her but to other people.
Tomorrow is the 73th Salgirah mubarak of our beloved Imam sarkar e do jahan Noor Maulana Shah Karim alhussaini. All the ismailis will be celebrating this blessed day with full joy and faith to show their love for the Imam of the time.
Mulana noor e kainat has devotated his entire life to the well being of humanity in general and the Ismaili jammat in particular. we ,Ismailis , are the luckiest people in the world that we are bounded by the thread of imamat and guided in both deen nu Duniya by our beloved Hazir Imam.
We must make the commitment on this day that we will act upon the farman mubaraks of our beloved imam and spread the message of peace , harmony, building bridge with all other sister community and contributing to the welfare of our country which are the messages Maula has stressed upon many a times.
Salgirah Mubarak To all ismaili brothers and sisters around the world.


My goals for the eid vacations

i need to accomplish the following goals by the end of eid vacations(7th december 2009)

1. FYP presentation prepration

2. Revision of DSP

3. Prepration for Instrumentation mid

4. Revision (rather i should say study as i am going through it firts time) of Power.

5. watching Avatoar season 1 and 2 and Frasier S1,2 and 3

3. DSP project completion


enjoying sleeeeeeeeeeeeping